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Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

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Old 11-03-2004, 08:54 AM   #1
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becksA HB User
Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

I posted something similar yesterday, but this is a bit different...

I workout twice daily. Once for cardio, once for weights. (Lunchtime and 6ish, after work.
Throughout the day (I think this has something to do with it, I eat VERY well. (fruit and veggies for lunch, plus a small salad maybe, and a granola bar). For breakfast usually no more than a bowl of cereal, maybe a banana as well. Nothing in between. From then on, I generally have nothing (work keeps me busy) until I leave work to go to the gym when I sometimes will grab another piece of fruit and maybe another granola bar. When I get home from the gym around 8, I had a good-sized dinner, with all the groups, meat, veggies, potatoes, etc. After that I'm nice and fulll.....for about an hour or 2. Then, about 1 hour before bed, I become very very hungry, but mainly just for junk! I have a piece of cake, 2 bowls of cereal, some cookies, etc....I know it's keeping me on a schedule of being able to eat all this JUST because I workout so much, but I can't seem to stop myself! it's almost like a disorder...

(I should add I'm 6'6", 200lbs.)

Is it because of my diet throughout the earlier parts of the day? I know what you eat in the last few hours before bedtime has the biggest impact, but I CANNOT control it! Suggestions please! (specific food options would be helpful)

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Re: Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

What and how often you eat throughout the ENTIRE day will impact your hunger and cravings. There are several areas where you need to improve your diet:

1. Balance your meals - your meals during the day are excessively carb-heavy and lacking in protein. This sets the stage for a glucose rollercoaster. You eat carbs, your glucose spikes, then plummets, then you eat more carbs to feel better. Adding protein to your diet has two distinct benefits - 1. it will by default reduce how many carbs you consume (assuming you eat the same amount of calories) and 2. Protein slows the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, which will help to stabilize your glucose levels, preventing later carb-cravings.

2. Eat more often. The meal you have at dinner is great - you should mirror that meal, but in smaller quantities throughout the day. I recommend that you PLAN to eat every 3 hours you are awake, beginning with breakfast at LEAST within 2 hours of waking and ending in the evening regardless of how late it is. (My last scheduled meal is at 9pm, but if I am up at midnight I eat again!). An example schedule for you might look like this:

8am breakfast
11am snack
2pm lunch
5pm snack
8pm dinner
11pm snack

Now, during each of these meals and snacks you MUST include a good portion of protein (25-30% of the calories). Also, the 11am and 5pm snacks can have a little more carbs because you work out shortly after, and you will burn it off.

I am guessing that you need between 2200-2600 calories each day (not sure how hard/long you work out). So make sure you are dividing those calories throughout the day, not just at night. Assume that you can eat 2400 calories in a day - you might benefit by dividing them like this:

8am breakfast 450 calories
11am snack 300 calories
2pm lunch 450 calories
5pm snack 300 calories
8pm dinner 600 calories
11pm snack 300 calories

Remember, this is just an example. But as you can see here, if you PLAN for that 11pm snack, you will not be binging. In fact, you may actually be currently consuming 1000-1200 calories in your dinner - instead try splitting into 2 meals and eat 2/3 at 8pm and the other 1/3 at 11pm.

Examples for meal with protein? Add eggs, cottage cheese, hard cheese, lean meat, fish, poultry, nuts, and soy. Fruits and veggies are great, but skip the bananas, pineapple, grapes - instead eat apples, pears, melon (less sugar) and always eat fruit with protein, like cheese, cottage cheese or lean meat.

Salads are great, but I always say eating only salad is chewing not eating. You do need to add some nutrition... again, add some lean meat, egg, cheese, etc.

I know you like granola bars, but they are contributing to your problem - carb-heavy and loaded with TONS of sugar. Instead, find some high-protein bars - there are some decent ones on the market - you have to read the label and make sure it has AT LEAST 24 grams of protein. Many of them only have 8-15 and they will not suffice.

Now I know I have placed an emphasis on protein, but remember that I am not saying to eliminate carbs - just eat them in moderation and choose them wisely.

I am convinced that if you take these steps you will notice a HUGE difference.

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zip2play HB User
Re: Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

If you are eating a full dinner at 8 and getting STARVED for junk at 11, that's eating from habit.
Whatever methods you use to break bad habits is appropriate here. I would make a hypnosis/suggestion tape and play it every day for several weeks. I'd tell myself that if I can go from a light lunch til 8PM without food, certainly HUNGER isn't involved after 2 hours without food. I'd ask myself, over and over, if undoing everything I've done all day FOR myself is worth undoing for a couple minutes pleasure inhaling all the junk in the fridge.

Why not toss out all the junk food. When you buy it again, throw it all out again. Your sense of economy will eventually get you on the right path.

(I played that game with cigarettes 30 years ago and I got tired of paying for a pack to get ONE today's prices it would have been easier)

Last edited by zip2play; 11-03-2004 at 11:14 AM.

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Losec20mg HB User
Re: Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

you guys are right..also i eat lots too right but, i noticed eating less now..bacuz im gaining weight by the always that damn night time that hits us..bacuz we feel bored and, wanna eat..we think about eating and, so we wanna have some..sometimes i get on the phone at nights for hours and, have no appetite whats so ever..??? i guess its in the mind sometimes too..I take lessons from my mom she's a good teacher..very wise..heh

Old 11-03-2004, 01:28 PM   #5
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modert HB User
Re: Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

Originally Posted by zip2play
certainly HUNGER isn't involved after 2 hours without food.
I completely agree that often nighttime hunger is from bad habits. But the 2-hour mark with intense cravings (and the choice of food at that time) is actually a key indicator that there is a perhaps a mild case of of RH (Reactive Hypoglycemia) going on here. 2 hours after a large meal is precisely when the insulin is running through the bloodstream and the glucose levels may be dropping too low. This will cause intense hunger and cravings that are physiological in nature.

Old 11-03-2004, 01:54 PM   #6
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Losec20mg HB User
Re: Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

hi jdi.. i don't think hypo.. is the case for me bacuz my body is finally absorbing the foods i starved for like ever..i don't know how i made it this far with having the celiac in me..killing me doing better, much better at 162, im 38- 5'9"..sounds good, right??

see ya soon..

Old 11-08-2004, 08:58 PM   #7
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tinkerbelle1003 HB User
Re: Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

I have the same problem, I eat regular meals, and am starting to exercise, but for some reason, Right before i go to sleep i get hungry.. and off all thing i should eat, i get the strongest cravings for Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.. I dont understand it at all.. during the day i never think about eating them.. but at night, I just cant get to sleep without eating one... After that i go to sleep very easily

Old 11-09-2004, 04:41 AM   #8
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modert HB User
Re: Controlling late-night carb/junk cravings - (attn jdimassimo if ur there too)

Mario, You don't have to have Reactive Hypoglycemia to have a hypoglycemic symptom. There is a fine line between having chronic RH (which is difficult to control) and having poor eating habits that lead to hypoglycemic symptoms. I would venture to guess that more people have the latter and I can tell you with certainty that the poor eating habits can lead to full blown RH and T2 Diabetes.

Don't forget that the body changes over time - part from genetics and part from lifestyle - you can certainly develop AND overcome conditions as you age. In fact human cells are completely recycled in a 7 years period - and although this is gradual, your physical structure will be completely renewed 7 years from today. So each and every day you are very much in control of how your health will be 7 years from now (and in between too!).

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