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Smags 07-15-2005 11:47 AM

What was I thinking
Ok, so lately I have been complaining how I am always hungry and never full. Well yesterday I finally got a reminder of what being full felt like and I hope I never do again. My Grandma is visiting from Germany and I've been strict in not over-indulging in her food. But I think it's been hurting her feelings so yesterday I just ate everything that she gave me. It was a big egg pancake, big as a dinner plate smothered with cottage cheese and blueberries. I thought sense i have been working out and not eating such things in a regular diet, that I could handle it, especially sense I was always hungry. I couldn't have felt worse afterwards. I told my Mom I thought I was going to have a heart attack; I wanted to cry. She just laughed and told me it was indigestion. My torso felt stretched,very painful. I took some Pepto and didn't eat dinner. Instead I just drank a crap aloud of water, about 12 glasses, in an attempt to flush it out of my system. I don't know if this was the wisest choice, but I just followed my instincts. This morning I felt more back to normal and ate a big fruitplate for breakfast and V8 juice to shoot my metabolism back up, I think it worked. I'm not eating anything else until I've worked out and then hopefully my body will be back to normal.
Sorry if this was so long, but I would just like to know, did I do the right thing, why did this happen, and has anyone else experienced this; what did you do?


justme_ 07-15-2005 11:50 AM

Re: What was I thinking
wow... doesnt sound so bad, if its just a one-time thing

LS289 07-15-2005 11:55 AM

Re: What was I thinking
Smags, I wouldn't worry about it at all! One big egg pancake won't hurt you - in fact it sounds pretty healthy! Especially with cottage cheese and fruit on it! And you were hungry when you ate it, too!

You did not have to skip dinner and just eat fruit this morning - don't be so hard on yourself!!!

jade112 07-15-2005 12:02 PM

Re: What was I thinking
I agree with LS and justme, you are going to be fine and its good to allow yourself some indulgences. Try not to feel so bad it is actually good for you :)
About what happened to your body my guess would be that you were just not used to that kind of food, b/c you said you have been working out and watching what you have been eating. So your body prolly had to work a little harder to process it but no big deal. Also a lot of the symptoms could have been created in your head, you know from feeling so bad about eating it, I know I have done that!! :)
No worries Smags, just jump right back on track and try not to skip meals, what you ate was good for ya and perfectly normal :)

- Jade :angel:

Smags 07-15-2005 12:13 PM

Re: What was I thinking
lol thanks guys. I still have alot to learn. I'm just becoming one of those people that wants to treat her body like a temple, but I guess it's boardering on neurosis!

justme_ 07-15-2005 12:16 PM

Re: What was I thinking
hehe, yup.. people call me obsessive too, but i just really want to lose weight... which led to me really wanting to be healthy!

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