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chick4u 05-22-2001 05:47 PM

favorite food
My favorite food in the whole wide world is speghetti is it good that speghetti is my favorite food that I always want and not something like really bad since im on a diet. And what foods do you guys reccomend? Thanks!

arkie6 05-22-2001 09:43 PM

Just remember that spaghetti is a starchy food that is high in easily digested carbohydrates that convert to sugars in your digestive system. Also remember that any excess sugars above your energy requirements will get stored as fat. So, just because spaghetti may be low in fat does not mean that it will not make you fat if eaten to excess. And those sugars in your bloodstream raise your insulin levels which tends to block fat burning.

If you are trying to lose weight, I recommend that lean meats, eggs, and green vegetables be your staples.


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