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jtrix717 06-06-2001 09:09 PM

smaller waist
hey all!
does anyone know how to trim down the waist area? i have been watching my calorie intake and have been running and cycling daily. slowly i am beginning to drop pounds. however, my waist is still fairly large. (i'm 19, 5'4, 128lbs, with a 30" waist). are there any exercises that can take a few inches off? i'd like to have a thinner of now, my waist is nonexistent. i have noticed that i have lots of fat around the waist, especially along the back. i would appreciate ANY advice and tips! thanks a lot :)

badgurl69 06-06-2001 10:10 PM

Hey :-)

I have exactly the same problem - and I have exactly the same measurements as you (5'4, 128lbs etc) I'll be here hanging out for any tips too! :p

tundra 06-07-2001 12:51 PM

Gee ladies--
We could have been separated at birth-same height, weight, etc... One thing-I'm 43 now, and after all these years of trying to whittle down my middle, I've come to the conclusion that short of surgical intervention,
my only option is to pick different parents! No matter how much I loose or gain, it all distributes evenly. I had a small (24") waist about 15 years ago, but I had also gone down to 100# with no boobs or hips, so, porportionately, it was the same! I'd be willing to try any suggestions.

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