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softspoken 06-17-2001 08:31 PM

Need help with diet pills
I know this is redundant but I am having a hard time following this board. It was much easier on the previous board that is no longer in use. I need to lose about 40-50lb's before the end of September. Any suggestions on diet pills? Adipex worked great on me but I don't have the insurance right now to go to the doc to get it. I have tried Metabolife and several diets that didn't work.

Which diet pills would you suggest. Some I am thinking about are Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, Slimsense, and some others. Please please let me know. I just started working out again so I will be doing that along with the diet pills.

Sweets1211 06-18-2001 04:54 AM

I have tried both hydroxy vut and xenadrine. I now take stacker 2, which i think works the best. I have been on it for about 2 weeks and lost 9 pounds. It works so much faster if you cut down you fat intake though. But, I received a free sample of stacker 3 which has a fat blocker in it. So, if you plan on eating fat I would suggest this one because this one also work for me.

ms freckles 06-18-2001 10:34 AM

soft, I am doing b-5, b-1 and mlife. People in the acne boards were talking about b-5 to clear their skin and they lost weight. I researched it and taking it with
b-1 it is great. I have to lose 10 pounds in two weeks and looks like I am doing it. But... no pain, no gain.. I am also walking 2 miles everyday!!! Have to burn that fat. Also I have joined the weigh in board for motivation. come on over :bouncing:

flowergirl 06-18-2001 06:08 PM

you said you used stacker2? does it work as weel as stacker3? and how much has it helped you? i used xenadrine for a month with no result at all not a single pound lost and everythign fit the same i ate very well 1200-1400 calories a day every day and exercised a ton with nothing, is stacker better than xenadrine do you think? any help appreciated greatly!

paulette 07-09-2001 10:11 PM

i just started using Stacker 2 last Friday and noticed Im not as hungry between meals and have more energy. Havent check the weight yet. Ill keep everyone posted. I also take a seperate chitosan (so I guess I dont need stacker 3)

foodlover21 07-10-2001 08:50 AM


good luck! you dont need s3 if u take chitosan :)

foodlover21 07-10-2001 01:49 PM

i beg to differ... the weight watchers fat&fiber plan was based on that concept.

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