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marshamarshamarsha 07-05-2001 11:50 AM

where's all the slimdown fast people?
Just checking to see if any of you on Slimdown fast are having positive results. I started earlier this week and have been pretty impressed with how it's going. I really haven't had those 3pm snack cravings. And no jittery side effects. I hope this helps me! :D

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krissywlots2lose 07-05-2001 02:37 PM

Count me too!
Going pretty well! Day 3 and I'm VERY impressed with the no side effects! I hated that jittery feeling with all the others. I stepped on the scale earlier and it's looking like I lost about 2lbs in 2 days. That's not offical! LOL I will be weighting again on Tuesday (one week from start) to see how well this worked!


marshamarshamarsha 07-05-2001 03:48 PM

Ditto Krissy! It looks like I've lost 3 to 4 pounds in 4 days. I know everyone says if you lose it too fast it will come back, but I feel this is inspiration to keep going and I love the fact there are not any side effects! I will check back in next tuesday also to update! Jan

neecy 07-05-2001 04:27 PM

Hi there,
Congrats to you guys for the success so far!
I actually just posted inquiring about this stuff. As I said in my post, I plan on ordering it tomorrow.
It sound like you all are doing great so far!!!
Please keep me posted, as I am dying to know if it works as well as they say it does.

EMAINE1229 07-06-2001 11:44 PM

Hey guys
Does slimdown fast have a website? is it from the same people who make quickslim?

krissywlots2lose 07-10-2001 03:28 PM

Offially Weight in was today and the results are: 5 pound loss!! I bet I could do better cause I actually forgot to take the pill twice but did'nt overeat!

I'm gonna continue and see if another 5lb disapears in another week!


mickey72 07-11-2001 07:49 AM

OK, I've been taken it for 3 weeks and NOTHING!! I exercise and watch what I eat but nothing has come off you. What are ya'll doing to help improve the results???

krissywlots2lose 07-11-2001 01:08 PM


You said you did'nt lose, but did you gain any? Maybe you are building muscle.

I did'nt follow the plan included, I just eat smaller portions and more often. I walk 3 times a week usually a mile or a little less. I have about 80lbs (well 75 now!) so maybe the more you have to lose the better it works?!? I don't know!

I wish you sucess in the future!


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