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MarshallUnivGuy 07-25-2001 04:45 PM

New to the board, and need some advice
Hi everybody. I'm new to the board, and would just like a little advice on supplements. I've been overweight for a while now, and I would like to not only put a stop to it, but get myself in excellent shape to play for an indoor football team at linebacker. As of right now, I'm 6'3, and weigh 302lbs. I need to be a muscular 230lbs, but preferably 240lbs, by Febuary of next year. I've heard that Xenedrine really takes the weight off, but I've not tried it before. The thing I guess I am most concerned with is muscle mass; what is the fastest, healthiest way to gain it? Being as a I have this extra weight, I would think it would be a bit easier to gain muscle mass, but I'm not sure if I should focus on cardiovasular workouts when I start out, or weight training, and whether I should use Xenedrine, or a weight training-type supplement like Creatine(sp?). Or can I use both at the same time without posing a risk? And, are there better supplements that I may be overlooking? Thanks to all who reply in advance.

Merrilee 07-26-2001 01:40 PM

First i would get a complete check up with my doctor. to make sure your body can take the ephedra etc. i love xenadrine. i only started it july 24,2001. i haven't had any jitters or anything. i have already lost 2 lbs. Good luck


mobster 07-26-2001 02:29 PM

I definately would not use Xenadrine. You will gain it all back, I PROMISE. You could take creatine though. I would definately do cardio. YOu will lose a little muscle mass at first but if you are eating healthy you will gain your strength back twice as much. If you want to cut like 70 lbs. you are gonna have to work your a** off. It is not that easy and don't go the easy way out and take that stupid crap to lose weight, it does not work. It takes water weight off, not fat. I don't know why people think that way. They are too lazy is why. You need to talk with a football coach or something and get on a serious workout schedule. You should jog like 4 times a week in the mornings and lift in the evenings. I would talk to someone though. I could write all day that you need to change. Good luck.

MarshallUnivGuy 07-26-2001 09:49 PM

Thanks a lot. I've had a complete check up, and I do have a hiatal(sp?) hernia, but other than that, I'm fine. I have access to a private basketball court, and have been running a mile a day on it as of right now, but plan on increasing this, and have been working on basketball post drills and walking to cool down. I also just started upper body weight training; my lower body has more than adaquate strength right now.

Are there any suggestions on diet? Should I just concentrate on proteins, or just concentrate on lowering carb and fat intake? Thanks in advance

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