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Shane 07-30-2001 02:10 PM

Low carb meal suggestions
I'm quickly growing bored (and in some cases hungry) with low carb meals. Anyone have any suggestions for meals/recipes?

auntjudyg 07-31-2001 07:25 AM

Are you following a particular plan? How low are you wanting to keep your carb intake?) What are you eating that is getting your bored?

Shane 07-31-2001 02:11 PM

No, I am not following a particular plan. I am basically wanting to be this low carb until I see good improvement (low blood sugar problems). My problem is that I only have a few meals that I would consider worth eating (these tofu recipes just don't seem appealing), and it gets tiresome eating them daily.

auntjudyg 08-01-2001 07:55 AM

Meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs are all low in carbohydrates. Combined with low carbohydrates (non-starchy) vegetables, the possibilities are numerous. A number of people I know mash up cauliflower with butter and/or cream cheese and/or cheese for faux mashed potatoes.

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