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layne28 08-28-2001 10:24 AM

Sugar Sensitivity/Anyone read potatoes not Prozac?
I've just started a food programme related to sugar sensitivity. I've realised that my blood sugar is all over the place and i need to sleep a lot + get v. irritable easily. I also suffer from depression. I read this book called Potatoes Not Prozac and it made a lot of sense. I have spent years craving things like white bread + sweets but also feeling shattered and overwhelmed. I have started eating more protein and slow carbs like wholemeal bread and am starting to see the point! Has anyone else tried this? I'd like to hear from u if so (or not - any views on this would b welcome)
Stay well
Layne X

Shane 08-28-2001 05:32 PM

I'm trying it. I can't really say anything positive about it yet. It's like I've replaced one set of problems with another set of problems, plus the old ones. Time will tell. I have not yet read that book, though.

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