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VirgoRising 09-20-2001 06:51 PM

Confused about Canola oil
I've been reading everywhere about the dangers of canola oil. Does anyone know the truth? Is it dangerous? I just bought some hummus that contains 90% canola oil. Before I read about the dangers of it, I ate some but I'm thinking of throwing the rest of out. Please, if anyone truely knows the truth, let me know.

auntjudyg 09-21-2001 08:37 AM

About a year or so ago an e-mail went around talking about all these dangers of canola oil. And it has been getting replicated here and there every since. My understanding is that that e-mail was a fraud. I'm not going to claim to know the truth . . . who does? . . . I mean now they are saying olive oil may not be good for us! But if the hummus is from a reasonably good quality source, as with any oil you decide to consume, I would go ahead.

Speedgal 09-22-2001 02:38 AM

I don't know what the email stuff was about but as far as canola oil goes there are three potential problems. One is erucic acid and all canola oil varieties are bred for low erucic acid so that isn't an issue. The other is genetically engineered canola oil - you may have a moral objection to it and many varieties are GM. Finally there is the risk of allergy as canola belongs to the mustard family - you should be aware of that - but again that is just a food allergy thing and is only an issue for a small number of people and is no different to any other food to which people may be allergic. Bottom line - don't worry!

siouxzee 09-22-2001 08:37 AM

I can't believe you erased my post about canola oil. All I did was explain what it was. I think some moderators need to chill out. All most of us are trying to do is answer questions.

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