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princessmitzoue 10-01-2001 09:40 PM

Cyclone Diet... Good or Bad?
Hello- I was just wondering if anyone in here has tried the Cyclone diet & if it has worked? I have been on other message boards where the results were about equal but extreme- the ones who lost weight lost A LOT of weight (some as much as 12lbs in a weekend!), but the ones who did not loose weight ended up sick from the drink (most vomiting w/ severe diarreah :eek:!)

Just wondering if any one has had any luck- I'm getting married next April & am finding it hard to start loosing my "extra" 50 lbs.~ I could use a kick start!
Thanks in advance :round:

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Interwasp 10-03-2001 12:36 PM

I have been on the Cyclone diet twice. First, let me say that I have lost about 5 pounds each time, but I gained it back both times. Most of the weight that is lost is water weight, as well as weight from the junk that comes out of the bowels. Once normal eating is resumed the weight seems to come back fairly quickly. Let me also say that the two days of the diet can be very painful. The drink acts like a super laxative. After the first day your behind will be very raw. Also, you can become very dehydrated if you do not consume enough water while on the diet. I recommend at least 1 gallon for each day.

All in all, the results are pretty disappointing. I have had much better success with a diet called the "Master Cleanser" by Stanley Burroughs. I have also heard it been called the lemonade diet. The weight loss it almost as fast, and for the most part it stays off. Best of all, the way I feel improved while on the Master Cleanser as well.

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