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healthguy462 11-04-2001 09:10 AM

read please!!
what foods should be eaten to avoid estrogen intake and production in the body?

Speedgal 11-05-2001 02:11 AM

I think you may have your wires crossed. There are foods with plenty of hormone/steroid analogues/precursors but all would be metabolised differently in men versus women. I believe the biggest concern you should have is oestrogen like compounds from plastic and stuff in the environment. Also hormones in animal diets are not used any more (at least in Australia) and I doubt that the US is any different. Are you aware that males make their own oestrogen anyway? And that if 'foreign' hormones are taken in (ingested) the bodies own production will change to compensate? This is why hormone treatments that aren't properly prescribed can be so dicey.

arkie6 11-05-2001 07:57 AM

Soybeans contain phytoestrogens that can have effects similar to estrogen on the human body. If you want to limit your intake of estrogen like substances, then soy should be limited or avoided.


Speedgal 11-06-2001 12:05 AM

I think you will find phyto-oestrogens have a different metabolic path in males.

arkie6 11-06-2001 12:52 PM

[quote]Originally posted by Speedgal:
[b]I think you will find phyto-oestrogens have a different metabolic path in males.[/b][/quote]

Hmmm. I haven't read that before. Where did you find that info?


Speedgal 11-07-2001 02:58 AM

It IS interesting, thanks for that. Will pass that onto a few people I know.

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