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crazyabout blue 07-28-2003 09:22 PM


No.. but i alyz drink cold water... and now since its a hot summer, im downing ice cold water.

Im tryin to drink a lot of water.. and avoiding soda, which i rarely drink anyways. Also, im trying to stay away from coffee too.. like Starbcks frap... eeww stuff.

Im also on the South Beach Diet.. kinda.. i dont have the book, but i read some tips online and on the weight loss forum... so yeah.. its my first day today.

susiejb 07-28-2003 10:00 PM

Yeah, crazy, I read those tips too, but I don't have the discipline. These diets are all so strict that if you make one slipup you've messed it all up. Exercise helps me the most. Good luck on the Zone -I have heard great things about it.

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