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HappyCarnivore 08-12-2003 08:52 AM

The Okinawa Program
Has anyone read anything about or had experience with the Okinawa Program?

A little background on it is that in the last 25 years, a study of the lifestyle of the people of Okinawa has taken place because its natives are notoriously long-lived and have very few cases of heart disease, cancer, and stroke. A study of the way they live has spawned clinical studies and The Okinawa Program was birthed as "The Landmark 25-year Study."

I am interested in beginning this lifestyle because I am at my goal weight and am now interested in my future health and well-being.

Any questions or comments are appreciated.

chopstix_gal 08-12-2003 11:39 AM

hi happy carnivore,

i have not heard of this .what does their diet consist of? in regards to your previous diet (low carbing), i'm wondering if you've had any drawbacks that is causing you to consider a lifestyle change?

HappyCarnivore 08-12-2003 11:53 AM

I haven't reached the portion of the book where it talks about their specific diets, but it seems as if they eat a lot of soy, pork, goya (like a cucumber), fruits and vegetables, and fish.

There haven't been any real drawbacks in my diet, I've been doing great. But now that I am at a weight and health level that I should be at, I am more interested in a lifestyle that will promote longevity. And I've always been interested in Eastern influence, so this seemed intriguing.


NakedLunch 08-13-2003 07:59 AM

HappyCarnivore, I've read the Okinawa book and it seems like a healthy lifestyle to follow Its not a specific diet to lose weight but more of a lifestyle change that includes healthy eating among other things to promote wellbeing. Andrew Weil also wrote the introduction and agrees with the authors.

chopstix_gal 08-13-2003 08:06 AM

hi happy carnivore,

well i was actually thinking about low carbing since your previous post intrigued me. i have lost a few lbs on getting about 25% fats and the rest balanced from carbs and protein (whole foods) and cardio 30-45 daily . i want to lose about 4 more lbs and feel that i'm at a plateau. based on your experience, can u let me know if you think this would help me with my goals. i will be training for a 1/2 marathon in september and beginning weight training if that makes a difference. i'm about 23% bf.


HappyCarnivore 08-13-2003 08:29 AM

If you want to start trimming a bit and train your heart, then I'd suggest eating Atkins style. Fat is such an efficient form of energy and when you're burning it your bloodsugar is so levelled out that your training can actually be enhanced and your performance increased.

If you're really interested, go pick up Dr. Atkins' book "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution". It will explain a lot about how and why the diet works and give you some insight into certain aspects of the diet that have been criticized in the past.

It's completely up to you though.

Good luck and God bless!

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