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Amaru 08-16-2003 11:41 PM

Do most people watch what they eat?
Generally, we can whatever we want all throughout our teenage years and after that our metabolism slows down and if we consistently eat foods that will make us gain weight we will gain weight. But my question is do most of the people you know watch what they eat? Is it reality now that most people watch what they eat or dont care at all. I know there are always ones who can eat whatever they want and some who gain weight real easily but I'm referring to the majority.

Zapster 08-16-2003 11:47 PM

Most people I know dont think twice about running thru the fast food drive thru, heh

1nitewriter 08-19-2003 02:10 PM

I think that is definitely the big reason that we have become a society of grossly overweight people.
When we are children and teens our bodies burn the food because normally our metabolism during those ages is high.
When we get in our thirties we need to start cutting calories, eating less and less each year as we age in order to keep the same weight.

As far as children and teens today being overweight and even obese, I think it definitely is due to the change of fast foods rather than the homecooked meals that used to be prepared for the family. The high fat, high carb fast foods can be grabbed to eat as you go out the door. All of the sugar just makes you crave more sugar and kids as well as adults gobble it up.

I imagine the only people that think about it are those that are into a healthy life style. I also see that some people are OBSESSED with it and therefore we get the eating disorder crowd.

I think most of us are in between--we are conscious of what we eat, or rather what we should eat, but during super bowl sunday, etc., we pig-out, and like you say, our cars seem to pull toward those fast food entrances.

a bear 08-27-2003 05:20 AM

i'm pretty much the only one in my family and where i work and with my buddies who watches what he eats.

whats sad is that a few of the ladies i work with are trying to lose weight and the typical pattern for them is to skip breakfast, get a soft drink and bag of chips for morning break, skip lunch to go walk, another drink and chips for afternoon break and who knows what they do after work.

needless to say, they still look the same.

Shane S 08-29-2003 10:58 PM

Kids are learning lessons from their parents, who as people who eat too many calories are not qualified teachers.

scorpionx 09-03-2003 07:31 AM

I sure do now, I am 20 and my metabolism is already slowed down, I use to drink a whole 6 pack of cokes and just sit around eating hamburgers and fries all day, now I eat baked chicken and salads and diet drinks, but my mom is trying to lose weight and she wants to so bad but she doesnt put no effort into it, she thinks by drinking a coke eating potatoes, rice and beans is healthy but in reality it is pretty bad, along with fried chicken, I try to tell her the things that arent to good for her but all she says is "WELL when im hungry im going to EAT" Some people just dont get it.

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