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Guest502 09-10-2003 03:12 AM

Stomach growls soon after eating! *Embarassing!* Help!!!
Hey all! Soon after I eat food, like, 3 or 4 hours, my stomach starts to growl! It's very embarassing!! I go to school, and you're not allowed to eat in class, and there's no snack break, and I don't exactly want to walk around eating food. I usually eat two (chocolate ^_^ ) poptarts in the morning. I've tried eating like..what was it? I think it was 4 poptarts, I think I've tried 2 poptarts and 2 waffles, and 4 waffles. Something like that. And my stomach still growls! What can I do?!
I think I've expanded my stomach...

CoolHandAmanda 09-10-2003 06:31 AM

3 or 4 hours is NOT soon after you eat -- that's time to eat again! In my opinion, you should be eating small meals every 2-3 hours. So it is definitely not abnormal that your stomach is growling after 3 or 4. It is telling you that it has used up all the fuel you gave it for breakfast and wants more.

If you're at school and you really don't have the option of eating when you get hungry, try having a more substantial breakfast. Two pop-tarts really isn't going to get you very far, because a) it's not very much food, and b) it's mostly sugar, so your body burns it up very quickly and then wants more. Try something like oatmeal or scrambled eggs with fruit. Those will give you more sustained energy to get you through till lunch.

~ Amanda ~

auntjudyg 09-10-2003 06:35 AM

The foods you are eating are going to be digested quickly. If you ate something like eggs, or some kinds of meat or cheese or something else with more protein in it, your stomach might not be rumbling again so soon. Even a whole grain cereal might be better.

Guest502 09-10-2003 02:20 PM

Ok thanks so much I will have to try that tomorrow!! :)

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