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Ariathe 05-22-2002 10:15 AM

Allergic to aspirin...Can I take Xenadrine?
Hello! Just wondering...I have about 15 lbs to loose and would like to take Xenadrine or Hydroxycut but I am allergic to aspirin...The label says it contains "white willow bark", a precursor for aspirin...What does that mean?

momonline42 05-23-2002 09:11 AM

no one should take X imo but in your case defiately not since most likely the aspirin precurser will cause the same allergic reaction that aspirin does.... white willow bark contains a natural aspirin-like compound and this compound once isolated led to the development of aspirin.


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air_20 10-11-2003 06:22 PM

Hi Ariathe,

I'm also allergic to aspirin, do you keep an Epipen on you just in case of an emergency? I'm also trying to find out as much as I can from people that have an allergy to aspirin. Thanks!!!

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