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lasalla22 11-04-2005 08:58 PM

Anyone on LOW CARB diet need your help!!
I am starting a 20 carb and under diet..not atkins, just low carb. And their are so many low carb box meals and I know the best things to eat are fish and eggs and cheese, but once in a while if I have like half a piece of low carb bread (4 carbs) will that matter? I just don't want to find out that low carb substitute foods aren't good. See I am a vegitarian so I cannot have meat and there goes almost all my food choices. I know I can eat eggs, cheese, and fish but its hard to only live on those things. I bought vegitarian meals that only have 3 carbs per serving..but haven't eatten them yet because I want to make sure it won't screw up the diet. I just the fastest way to lose weight on this plan. Anyone out there a low carb dieter with tips?

pipermac 11-04-2005 09:16 PM

Re: Anyone on LOW CARB diet need your help!!
Like I said in your other post. i would stay away from that kind of diet.

Piranna65 11-07-2005 05:06 AM

Re: Anyone on LOW CARB diet need your help!!
This isnt a bad diet I am on it and I have lost 20+lbs. I would stick to making your own things and I would count like little tablet of paper and a mark everything you eat and how many carbs it contained.

The low carb bread wont make a difference just make sure you are counting your carbs. You will find yourself checking everything. I eat a lot of salads with cheese, dressing. If I need ketchup for anything I was told the 1carb ketchup is great, and guess what it is haha i cant taste the difference and it's good!

Just make sure you count, drink lots of water and working out would help (granted I havent worked out while doing this diet im sure i'd have better results if I were) Hmm I dont know if you do veggie burgers or have tried any, im not sure what the carb situation is there but if you do those and they are 'low' that is an option! Also there are low carb tortillas out there too! Granted they are smaller and run about 5 carbs per tortilla they make for a good tuna roll or something and mayo is zero carb!


CINDERELLA 11-09-2005 01:07 PM

Re: Anyone on LOW CARB diet need your help!!
Ive gained 12kg due to paxil and read a book called after atkins and other low carb diets, it points out the pros and cons of atkins, in general restricting fruit/veg intake is BAD its just not natural to take a fibre supplement, you are missing out on vital minerals and vits. I am eating wholegrain bread, nuts, cottage cheese, fruit, veg, chicken, fish, wholegrain muesli, whole grain crackers bla bla bla. I have lost some weight 2kg but I think the paxil has upset my metabolism and its gonna take a looonnnngggg time. Good luck.

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