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worldtraveler 11-12-2005 09:27 AM

Quorn -- high protein
I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian and need to keep calories down. Therefore, I need a fair amount of protein for not a lot of calories. I found what I thought was fantastic -- quorn. The ingredients sound gross, as it is allegedly some kind of fungal product, but the taste to me is delicious. It has high protein and is relatively low in calories.

However, I've read on the web where the CSPI is trying to ban quorn because of some allergic reactions by people.

Personally, I've never had any adverse reactions and really love the product. But obviously, I don't want to eat something that isn't healthy.

Does anyone have any experiences with quorn?

veggieforlife 11-16-2005 01:35 PM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
Quorn products are amazing!!! In fact, my husband and I are pretty much addicted to the stuff. It is one of our main sources of protien.

I always said that if someone figured out how to grow slabs of meat on trees without harming animals, I'd eat meat again. Quorn is as close as it gets! The stuff is FANTASTIC! And you're right, it's so low-cal.

I have heard that some people have had a bad reaction to it. I believe those who are allergic to mushrooms may have a problem eating it. But no one I know has experienced this problem. In fact, my husband and I served it at our vegetarian-only wedding last September (I had a very accommodating caterer) and everyone LOVED it. We served it in the form of "Chicken" Cacciatore. Over 50 people ate it and loved it. Many guests couldn't believe it wasn't real chicken. I heard that someone made the comment "I thought they said they were having a vegetarian wedding?!" Even my Italian grandmother loved it.

It would be terrible if they discontinued this product simply because a few people had an allergic reaction. If anything they could put a disclaimer on it warning of the "mushroom" content - just like they do with just foods containing peanuts.

By the way, I made a huge pot of homemade "chicken" soup using Quorn Tenders this weekend and it was absolutely delicious! We just can't get enough of the stuff.

worldtraveler 11-17-2005 05:42 AM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
It was funny reading your words of approval for the taste of quorn because it was almost like reading my own thoughts! It is the only meat substitute (and I really hate that term) that I've truly loved. I agree wholeheartedly -- this stuff truly is delicious!

Jonistyle2 11-17-2005 07:26 AM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
what is it? (ie, what form is it sold in?) and where do you buy it? your posts intrigued me and i'd like to try some!

worldtraveler 11-17-2005 08:55 AM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
I've always seen it in the frozen section, generally in the "health" food section. And, of course, it's in natural foods store, as well, again in the frozen section. I'd just ask wherever you shop! Good luck. (and I hope you like it!)

veggieforlife 11-18-2005 01:32 PM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
We get Quorn products at Whole Foods Market but that is a regional healthfood supermarket; you may not have one in your area. Try Wild Oats if you have one near you. Or, if you do an online seach for the product and find the official website, you can run a store locator.

The Quorn Cutlets are excellent (I know it's silly... I sound like a spokesperson) :eek: . You can do anything with them that you could do to skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Every time my husband and I eat them we are in awe of the taste and texture - exactly like the real thing. Just last night we had them baked in the oven with sweet hickory bbq sauce. YUM! I also simmer the cutlets in a pan with a little soy butter, squeezed lemon, fresh basil and pressed garlic. Serve with a side of fresh, steamed broccoli and basmati rice or baked potato. YUM!

Quorn also makes excellent veggie meatballs, a Roast (we make this for Thanksgiving and other holidays), chickenless Tenders, breaded chickenless patties, ground "beef" and other products. We've tried and loved them all.

The only downside is Quorn products contain egg whites so it's unsuitable for vegans.

Let us know if you try it and what you think. :wave:

Lenin 11-20-2005 06:08 AM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
How do the Quorn products compare with the products they mimic.

All I found was a reference to some mini-bites that looked like little hot dogs at 3 pounds (sterling :D) for 315 grams...that's something in the vicinity of $7 a pound for hot dogs...THAT'S a lot.

Are all the Quorn product this drastically marked up? I'd like to try one of these items, but not if I must pay a king's ransom.

I know they are basically made from "mushrooms" and alas mushrooms don't come cheap...unless you live in the woods :D!

worldtraveler 11-20-2005 04:23 PM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
[QUOTE=Lenin]How do the Quorn products compare with the products they mimic.[/QUOTE]

What precisely do you mean -- price, nutrition, availability..?

Lenin 11-23-2005 01:35 PM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
I am interested in a PRICE comparison.

worldtraveler 11-23-2005 03:13 PM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
Hmm, the problem is that Quorn really doesn't "mimic" anything. There is always cheap (but very fatty) beef and lower quality chicken "parts." So, of course Quorn will be more expensive than they are. However, Quorn doesn't begin to touch the price of expensive meat.

But it really is just a high quality source of protein, not really mean to replace anything, so I'm not sure if the question has an answer.

I buy Quorn at a regular grocery store. You might just take a look and read the label and see the price your store charges. That's really the best bet. Good luck!

stay2gether 11-23-2005 03:16 PM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
iv fancyed trying quorn but the long list of ingredients on the back of the packet has put me off many times. i just feel like its too processed. Is it actually good for you or is it just a substitute for meat to please vegetarians and make money?

Lenin 11-24-2005 06:22 AM

Re: Quorn -- high protein

Here's what I mean,
I went to a couple sites but couldn't find any prices. But the products were all MIMICS of meat foods. For example, the "recipe of the month" was Spaghetti Bolognese and the picture showed a pasta dish with tomato souce and what looked like hamburger...the recipe called for "Quorn Mince" here obviously the product is trying to mimic ground beef.
Other places there are several pictures advertising things called (and looking like) Filets, escallopes, and several picture with produicts in buns called "burgers."
Then a huge DELI section featuring things like "turkey" sandwices,"salami, "ham".

So it's obviously going the route that soy protein took a few years back and selling itself VERY MUCH as a substitute for meat.

Unfortunately all I get is "see your local supplier for price and availability" and I've never SEEN a Quorn product in any of my supermarkets.

So to get specific...about how much MONEY does a "Quorn cutlet" cost...say 1/2 pound worth, or a half pound of "Quorn Mince" (the ground meat) or a pound of deli sliced "Quorn" whether sold as a turkey, ham, salami, or chicken substitute?
That will give me an idea of whether the stuff is tempting or not. I'll pay a small premium to get a few good meat substitutes but I won't sell myself into bondage to do it. :D

Are the products horribly oversalted?

worldtraveler 11-24-2005 08:09 AM

Re: Quorn -- high protein
Lenin, I think the only thing for you to do is to ask your grocery if he has it. If not, ask if he could order some. I don't use the varieties you mention; I just prefer the nuggets. I think they're about $3.50 a package.

Just try a package yourself since the investment really isn't too enormous for most people! That way, you can see for yourself and don't have to take anyone's word for it. The cost of one package shouldn't upset your budget too much.

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