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friedrice683 08-19-2006 06:15 PM

Need some help...weight maintenance problem :-(
OK, Hi, I'm new to these boards but thought I would come here for some assistance. I am a teenage male, 5' 11" and currently weighed in this morning at 122lbs. I do realize this is a bit on the light side, but honestly, you wouldn't guess if you saw me. I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa last December and experienced severe symptoms until Mid-June of this year. (Was only consuming 600-1000 Calories daily. Then Binges started in March where one day a week or so I would consume 1800-2600 calories and experience a 3-4lb weight gain the next day).

Anyways, after getting some help, I have upped my caloric since mid-June and experienced weight-gain, weight-loss, for two weeks then it evened out to a steady weight-gain. I have been lifting weights every other day, most weeks, and for a month ran every day except Sundays four miles. After a two different vacations with friends, 3 weeks apart, I experienced weight loss in both and have maintaned that weight loss since then (8lbs in all between the month it has been now), and now weigh 122. Now, I haven't consumed 2000 calories more than two days in a row with no exercise and not experience weight fluctuation in the positive direction. However, everyone around me it seems consumes 1900-2500 daily, sedentery lifestyles, and seem to maintain their weight. As of right now, I am consuming 1600 on a Sedentery day and seem to maintain, and 2000 on a day with exercise and seem to maintain. How do I slowly get my metabolism back to normal after my body's battle with Anorexia? Also, I realize I still have symptons of my Anorexia and freak out with weight-gain and I have an intense fear of getting fat.

For instance, the past week I have done Indoor Cross Country Skiing to replace running (shin splints and bad runner's toe, can't run), and have burned, on average, 500 calories in 40 minutes doing so (Pretty high-intensity). On these days, I may have incorporated 20 - 30 minutes of weight training or none, and have consumed on average about 1900 calories. I haven't experienced a weight gain, and only a minimal loss that I can't tell if it's water or what (keeps going up and down everyday about a pound).

Lastly, I will be undertaking Cross Country come this fall, attending a Boarding School, and I came up with this diet in hopes of maintaining my weight, any recommendations on exact foods to add/omit? Thank you so much, you do not understand how much this means to me.

2 Slices of Wholewheat Toast
1 Fruit Serving
1 Glass of Skim Milk

1 Apple
1 Healthy Choice Snack Bar

1 Glass of Skim Milk
1 Fruit Serving


1.5 Scoop Protein

Salad - 100 Calories
1) Lean Meat Serving
- Turkey Burger
- Fish
- Lean Meat
2) Sandwhich
1 Glass of Skim Milk

Lenin 08-20-2006 05:12 AM

Re: Need some help...weight maintenance problem :-(
Here's one thing you are doing wrong, fred:

DO NOT judge the effect of a day's eating by what happens to the scale the next day. ANYONE in severe caloric deficit, as you are most of the time, will be somewhat dehydrated and short of muscle and liver glycogen, a water laden form of sugar. After a NORMAL day's food, the body will try to filll these gyycogen stores and will add 3 parts water to each part of glucose. This is what you see as weight gain but it's a temporary ebb and flow. Any added sodium will also retain additional water in the "normal" way.
The only way to be sure of your weight is with a monthly average that evens out all the temporary swings.

Just for the record, to gain a pound of FAT, one must eat an extra 3500 calories. For someone with maintenance calories of 2,500 (where yours probably is on exercise days) that means an intake of 6,000 calories, almost nauseatingly impossible.

Keep up the weights, there's nothing better for developing a young man's body...and try to gain at least 5 pounds of muscle by Christmas...a small goal, but a good one. ANd NEVER, NEVER have a day with fewer than 1500 calories.

P.S. Only in an anorectic's dictionary can something like 1800-2600 calories be considered a "binge" for a man.

friedrice683 08-20-2006 07:47 AM

Re: Need some help...weight maintenance problem :-(
How much should I work to consuming on non-workout days? (Sedentery days) And how much should I consume when I partake in Cross Country every day?

Lastly, how do I work up to this maintenance level and what not with little fat gain as possible, should I increase my caloric intake by say 200 every three days until I reach that goal? Also some days, I just don't eat a lot because I am satisfied with the small meals I eat (for instance, I just had breakfast a bowl of Oatmeal = 230 Calories and an egg white, no butter or anything) and I am very full still.

Also, is there a chance my bodyfat percentage is really high ? =/ Because with a shirt off, it seems as though my skin doesn't fit me and I am somewhat "flabby", and my abs aren't really noticeable unless I stick them out. I do not have a fat caliper, and I do realize that tests using weight, height and waist, neck, ect measurements are usually wrong because mine came back at a 7-11% body fat which I feel isn't right.

Thank you so much for your help.

Mark1e 08-20-2006 04:48 PM

Re: Need some help...weight maintenance problem :-(
You are getting lots of carbohydrate but very little fat in your diet. The notion that eating fat makes you fat is a myth. I was only able to gain weight when I added carbs back into my low-carb/high-fat way of eating. And, based on your level of activity and the desire to build muscle, you probably need more protein too.

You need the essential fatty acids, which you aren't getting much of from the food you are eating. So how about switching from skim milk to full cream milk and eating an egg (including yolk) every day.


Mark ;)

friedrice683 08-20-2006 05:40 PM

Re: Need some help...weight maintenance problem :-(
Ok I revised it a little bit. I will also include my caloric calculators (everything is calculated to the last calorie, and rounding up to the closest ten).

1 Glass of Skim Milk
2 Slices of Light Whole Wheat Bread (4g net carb per slice)
2 Sausage Patty

Calories: 570


Sandwhich on Light Whole Wheat Bread:
- Turkey
- Lettuce
- Two thin slices of a tomato
1 Glass of Skim Milk
Peanut-butter (2tbsp) on Saltines

Calories: 540

Prior to XC Practice:

Calories: 110

1 Scoop of Whey
1 TBSP Peanutbutter

Calories: 220

1 Cup Skim Milk
3 Cups of Lettuce w/ Ultra-Lite Dressing

Lean Meat serving if available (Roughly 350 Calories)

Turkey on Light Whole Wheat (220 Calories)

Total Calories: 520 / 390

TOTAL CALORIES OF DAY: 1900-2100 Calories depending on Dinner and exact portions.

Lenin 08-21-2006 05:55 AM

Re: Need some help...weight maintenance problem :-(
That looks pretty good to me.
Keep at that 2,000 calorie level for a month and see what happens. You don't have to vary between workout and non-workout days, let your body do the math.

You MIGHT find that you continue to lose or gain but very slowly at this level. If so, then adjust your calories for next month.

Don't fear porking up at this caloric intake, it won't happen. And don't take the scale readings for the first week with too much seriousness...but do record them.

(Get a food scale so you neverr have to say "depends on exact portions.")

friedrice683 08-21-2006 07:02 AM

Re: Need some help...weight maintenance problem :-(
Alright, so I don't have to eat more to make up for the Cross Country practices? Seems ok, thanks everyone.

By the way, what is a healthy weight for me to be at?

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