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marzotto 12-15-2006 06:39 PM

dairy in hummus???
I have one quick question. Is there dairy in hummus? I know that if you make your own hummus you could put dairy in it but I'm talking about commercially made hummus that you might get at a deli. Just regular hummus in general.

I have not eaten dairy ( for personal reasons as well as health) in 6 months and i have eaten a lot of hummus during that time. I can't help but feel defeated if i have been comsuming dairy all this time. :(

Lenin 12-16-2006 06:43 AM

Re: dairy in hummus???
I have never heard of a recipe for hummus that has dairy.
Just chick peas, tahini, garlic, lemon, sesame oil and olive oil.

And pita bread.

cher1052 12-16-2006 07:31 AM

Re: dairy in hummus???
I have to agree with Lenin!!! Where did you hear about dairy in hummus?? cheri

marzotto 12-16-2006 08:18 PM

Re: dairy in hummus???
thanks, you really put me at ease...the main reason I was asking was because the last couple of times i ate hummus at a certain deli, it tasted like it might have had some sort of dairy in it, almost like a sour cream like taste mixed in it. Could it have been that the hummus was bad? It did seem like it was sitting out for most of the day although i had no problems after i ate it.

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