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furtiva 03-29-2007 10:13 AM

The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
Has anyone tried it succesfully? I am trying to eat as much veggies as I can and would like to achieve a 75% alkaline / 25%acid raport in my everyday diet.

That has proven very hard though, since most of the things I like are on the acidic side (including all meats, poultry, fish (!!!!) cheese and diaries, whole wheats and nuts, chocolate and cocoa), not to mention coffee or wine. :rolleyes:

I read that taking coral calcium makes anything you take with it more alkaline. I went to the drug store and saw one of the bottles labeled "as seen in TV" , so I didn't buy it (I just dont want to fall into the PR game without having real results).

Has anyone tried it? Does it really work? What works? I'm also taking Epson salt baths...

Also, the alkalizing machines for the drinking water are just expensive. Is there any other alternative to them? Filters that work the same?

I filter my water through one of those drug store water filter containers ...what else can I do to make the water better?

wilder060485 03-29-2007 10:24 AM

Re: The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
Alkaline diet is certainly good. As disease thrives in an acidic environment. As for alkaline/basic supplementing, I wouldn't go down that path. Just do a search for the pH of foods, and stay mostly on the alkalinic side. avoid soft drinks, beer, vinegar and such, and that should do the trick. Good luck and healthy eating.

furtiva 03-29-2007 12:19 PM

Re: The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
wilder thanks for your reply. I am trying to understand as much as I can on the chemistry of our bodies and how can I make it better..

I did some research on Coral calcium and it turns out that is calcium carbonate, with some traces of minerals that might not be neccessary good for you. Generally speaking I like what nature has to offer best on its natural form, but I would not be opposed to try additional things that are proven not to harm you..just not the ones whose best selling point is "as seen on tv" ;)

On some tables it looks like that white wine vinegar is acidic, whereas the apple cider vinegar is a bit more alkaline..

Jenteal 03-29-2007 05:36 PM

Re: The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
You can buy pH strips to test your urine. I did after I was told I had precancer cells in my uterus. A health food store manager informed of the Ph imbalance and the problems that can reek havoc on the body if it is to low. I went to the Whole Food store and bought the strips, 14 feet for $15 . I was at a 4.5 the lowest end of the scale.

I don't like most vegs an really never fix the ones that I do like so I bought the pH pills. It's been a little over 2 1/2weeks and my pH is up to 6.5

The pills contain:
-Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicaronate and magnesium citrate 155mg

-Hydrilla, Marshmallow, Papaya 140 mg
-Cellulase 600 CU
-Protease 1000 HUT
-Lipase 190 FCCFIP
-Phytase/pectinase 200 Endo-PGU

I hope to get up to 8.0 for my next biopsy and see if the precancer cells are gone.

I eat lot's of salads with grilled chicken, cottage cheese, blue cheese, crutons, and balsamic vinegar. Healthy Choice dinners (chicken only) and Lean Cuisine ones too.

I really have not made much of a change in my diet except for adding Lemons to my water. Lemons and Watermelons are some the highest alkaline foods there are.


furtiva 03-30-2007 08:59 AM

Re: The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
Jenteal, where did you get the pills?

I found it online with the name Enzymedica pH-Basic...I dont think GNC carries it, but they have listed localstores that carry it..

It has
Mineral Blend: 155 mg
Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Citrate

Herbal Blend: 140 mg
Hydrilla, Marsmallow, Papaya


Jenteal 03-30-2007 09:17 PM

Re: The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
From the Whole Foods Market. It was a bottle of 120 pills for $24.99 Mine are the same brand. Maybe they just didn't list all on the web site. I read label again and what I posted above is correct for what's in each pill.

You can either take 1-2 capsules before bedtime or for theropeutic, effects which is what I do , you take 1 pill either 1 hour before or 2 hours after each meal and then 2 at bedtime. The bottle come with a enough strips to check your urine for a week.


naturodude 03-31-2007 09:37 AM

Re: The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
I have tried Coral Calcium, but as with most "as seen on TV" stuff, it's a hoax. It doesn't absorb any better than calcium carbonate, which it very cheap. But, calcium does promote an alkaline pH. Try taking calcium oratate, it's absorbtion rate is 97%, which is better than any other calcium form. [[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]]

furtiva 04-02-2007 08:28 AM

Re: The Alkaline Diet ((coral calium and alkaline water)
Thanks Jenteal..

I found this organic store with a wide variety of vitamins and supplements (all organic). It has amaizingly everything that I have researched/wanted so far ..all organic, certified and in different forms, pills or poweders or teas..It even has alfalfa tea.and PH Powder that you can put in you water and alkalize it...I was so pleased to find it, and wished I could have found it before..

I looked the mulitvit that I'm taking it has about 100 mg I will try to follow the theruapetic usage of the ph basic pill but not exceed the 310 to 420 milligrams recommended daily dosage for magnesium.. My Ph varies drastically depending on what I have consumed most recent..

One thing I read though, is that if you taking a lot of magnesium you should consume more calcium as Im having more milk and hope it helps

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