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meljo 10-09-2007 08:49 AM

Wow my Dr was upset with me!!
[B]:( Wow did my dr rip me a new one... I've been having lower back pain for about 9 months now. so after rulling out bladder infections from my urologist I go to my GP, well Iam 5'7 and have always waighed 155, well I now weight 175!!!
and he let me have it... and Iam glad he did.. I put on all the waight since janurary, I had a cancer scare and a hysterectomy and I let myself go... lost all the tone I had in my stomach area and that is probably what is causing my lower back pain... so he let me have it... Iam now to loose wieght and tone up and that should do the trick.. Iam sure he's right but wow it hurt my feelings ... even though he is right...
so off we go... thanks for listening.. meljo[/B]

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