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Llama 03-04-2008 11:49 PM

Giving up all 'diet' products
I am giving up all diet products such as soda and the like. I am actually giving up soda almost entirely.

Diet products are bad for you, aren't they? I just am wondering and would like some advice or tips!

Thanks guys! :)

rheanna 03-05-2008 08:56 AM

Re: Giving up all 'diet' products

THere are differences of opinion on whether using diet products (artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and cyclamate and such) is healthy or not. My personal preference is to use foods that are as "real" as possible. This means that I am not fanatic about everything being "bio", but I do try to use real foods with as little processing as possible. So for sweeteners I use [U]small[/U] amounts of white or brown sugar or honey. I do not purchase any foods which are already sweetened with anything, real or artificial. This way I can control the amount of empty calories that I consume.

My feeling is that the body has enough to cope with, with all the artificial chemicals that we are surrounded with. I do not need to add more of them to the inside of my body.

Congratulations on cutting way down on your consumption of soda. There are lots of other things to try, that are not so ladened with artificial chemicals.


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