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Victor94 09-03-2008 09:33 PM

I am always very hungry and eat more than anyone
I am <a teenager>. I am alway very hungry. I eat more than every one in my family and all my friends. Sometimes I eat more than my mom dad, and sister together and it makes my mom mad. My friends tease me about eating a lot and my mom even asked the doctor about it. Sometimes I wake up at night super hungry. Last Saturday my dad took me to Garden City at 3:00AM. Garden City is 24 hours and my dad knows some people who work there at night. Sometimes they can get us extra stuff. The place was mostly empty and the waitress and the cook sat with us. The waitress thought my appetite was very funny. I had an appatizer sampler and a steak dinner. When I finished it she was laughing at me and said Oh my GOD I can believe you ate all that! She asked if I was still hungry. I said yes and asked for a tuna melt and more appetizers. She kept laughing and said "are you kidding? are you really hungry? can you eat that?" It made me embarressed. Everyone makes a big deal out of it but I can't stop be hungry.

tUrRrRa 09-06-2008 12:19 AM

Re: I am always very hungry and eat more than anyone
Are you still growing? As a teenage male, it's very common to have times when you are very hungry. My brother went through a time like this too! Sounds normal to me. You probably have a very fast metabolism too if you aren't gaining weight. Just try to ignore those comments people say and just say to your mom, hey, I'm a growing teenage guy and can't help it! Try to eat meals with protein and fiber in them, since this will help keep you full. Also, make sure to drink plenty of beverages as well. When I don't drink enough water, I find that I'm hungrier. I'm not a teen anymore, but still a young female adult. Sometimes at restaurants I'll order a steak or something not small and finish my plate when some of my guy pals don't! I feel embarrassed, but I have to remember that I'm a pretty active person and go running often, so I burn many calories off. Nothing to worry about!

Victor94 09-06-2008 01:14 PM

Re: I am always very hungry and eat more than anyone
I am still growing I am almost 5 foot 11 and 155 pounds. The doctor says I will be about 6 foot 3. My friends tease me about eating a lot but it doesn't bother me at all. It does show that I eat lots more than other people. It makes me feel funny when people think my eating is weird or abnormal. Sometimes in the afternoon but usually after I have been sleeping for a long time I get just super super hungry. The thing at Garden City was embarressing to me because the waitress kept making a huge deal out of how much I ate and thought it was really funny. When I asked for a tuna melt after I ate a steak dinner she was laughing and said are you kidding? are you still hungry? do you know thats another big plate? It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me because people think its so weird but I'm just hungry hungry hungry and I can't help it.

darkocean 05-09-2009 11:33 AM

Re: I am always very hungry and eat more than anyone
Woo.. That brings back memories! When I was a teenager I could easily eat 4 large slices of French toast, 4 sausages, and a Cinnamon roll for breakfast! And I'm a woman! My metabolism was (as still is I can really pack it away if I want to.) so fast that if I didn't eat like that I would lose weight very quickly.
5'7 and got down to 105lbs. Not good! So try to ignore the comments people say to you. Every one loves to eat, so when people see some one that can eat and eat with out gaining an ounce they get super jealous. Your health is more important than the stupid ignorant comments people make.

To stay fuller longer with lots whole grains like oatmeal (double the serving, if you don't like oatmeal try adding milk, sugar, butter & maple syrup. Yum!) Whole wheat, (frosted mini wheats, quaker oatmeal squares, whole wheat bread. I like multi grain as it tastes nicer.

Try to get enough proteena day but to to much at once or you'll feel very sleepy after. And because your motab is so high I wouldn't worry to much about how much fat your getting in a day. It's important to! (for absorbing some vitamins and such) And is (duh) energy.

As your hungry so much you could be ignoring/getting confused when your body is screaming for some water! So don't forget about water, often that can shut off that annoying "I'm hungry all the time" feeling.

Milk! Oh man when I was a teen whole milk was my best friend. So cold and creamy, after eating it would top off that meal nicely and shut my stomach up longer then just eating and having say a soda.

School.. ug I was so hungry at school. XP Make sure you have some granola bars, an apple, (the pectin in the skin is very filling) anything with lots of fiber stashed in your locker. Then you can nibble between classes until lunch.

Peanut butter is another good thing to eat. Ok thats enough this is pretty long Hope this helps you stay full longer!

tjlhb 05-09-2009 08:18 PM

Re: I am always very hungry and eat more than anyone
Teenage males generally have big appetites. As long as you are not getting fat (which at your height and weight is definitely not the case), keep eating (but preferably healthy stuff, not junk like sugar and refined carbs fried in hydrogenated oil).

The high metabolism that teenage males tend to have comes from both age and gender, and the tendency for teenage males to be very active compared to the general population. So while your parents may have to watch every calorie to avoid getting fat, you may need to eat enormous amounts of food to avoid unintentional weight loss. Just be aware that increasing age often comes with a tendency to become less active, which means backing off on the food intake under such conditions.

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