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SHAIKH AZIZ 03-16-2009 03:35 AM

Brain stroke and paralysis on right side
My fathers age is 80 years. He had brain stroke 15 days ago, his right leg, right hand is affected and not working and speech and swalloing has also disabled. He is being fedded through tube. If we pinch his body on left side then he opens his eyes little bit but we dont know whether he recognises us or not. Verry lettle movement is observed in left hand and left leg. He is not able to sit on his own. Immediately after stroke he was hopitalised and in iccu for 10 days. On mri it was revelead that left artery supplying blood to brain is blocked (7th nerve). Dr. Advised to take him to home and see the physiotheripist for further improvement. At present he is on liquid diet and days intake is 1000ml-1100ml

now pl. Suggest us proper and correct diet

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