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silvercity09 07-02-2009 06:18 PM

Need to gain weight... calories question?
Ok ladies. I want to gain some weight. Which is just as frustrating for an underweight... trust me! Over the last year I've been having some health problems which has caused me to unintentionally lose weight and now I want to gain it back. About 10-15 pds...and I know this doesn't sound like a lot but for me it is. Plus I find it IMO it is so much harder to gain than to lose. I look at it like lose you need to eat less...but to gain you need to eat more, much much more...and for someone who has a small stomach and suffering from horrible GERD this is very hard. I just need some ideas....I'd like to know approx. how many calories a day you are maintain or either lose. I'll work my way up from there I guess...any advice?


tjlhb 07-02-2009 10:38 PM

Re: Need to gain weight... calories question?
Maintenance calories are commonly estimated by the Harris Benedict equation, which needs various body parameters like height, weight, and age. Then you add calories used by exercise and other activity, or multiply by a scaling factor that depends on your estimate of how active you are.

However, the equation does not take into account how lean or fat you are; those with a lower body fat percentage (more muscle, less fat) will typically need more calories than those of the same height, weight, and age with higher body fat percentage.

Healthy calorie dense foods include fatty fish, nuts, dried fruit, and avocados. Doing some exercise, particularly weight training, may help make the gains include a healthy amount of muscle (as opposed to just adding fat weight, which can be unhealthy unless you are starting from having too low body fat), but since the exercise uses calories, you would need to eat even more.

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