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dreamer89 03-10-2010 12:30 PM

detox symptoms or illness?
I have been changing my diet to as healthy as possible while still listening to my body's cravings and cues. since I have metabolic syndrome these past months (while 2 years of tweaking and the like) I have really hammered my healthy eating trying to decrease insulin resistance symptoms, you know frequent urination at night, allergies really bad fatigue sugar cravings and the like. these past weeks I have upped my exercise, including adding intensity in there. I also suffed hypoglycemia events during the night.

I also started to take a good quality multi via/min with some herbs that they added too.

I have stopped all pop (used to have one a day) dont have cravings for junkfood anymore I don't get the munchies like I used to, so I must be on the right track, but my questions is

how can you tell if when you have a sick type headache and slight nausea and slight fatigue and run down feeling is detox or illness?



JohnR41 03-10-2010 03:52 PM

Re: detox symptoms or illness?

Eating a healthy diet isn't supposed to make you feel ill but if you do feel ill, then I think you should assume that you are ill. Then you should question everything that you're doing. The only thing I can see, that I would question, is the herbs that were added to your multivitamin.

About 20% of over-the-counter remedies (like vitamins, herbs, etc.) don't have what is stated on the label. Some have more, some have less and some have been found to have different ingredients. For example: Lab testing has sometimes found prescription drugs in place of herbs.

You might try stopping the multivitamin for a week or two and see if you still feel ill.

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