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scott100111 05-25-2010 06:53 AM

Kellogg's cereal diet...?
I want to do the Kellogg's Cereal diet. How much should I eat per serving (should I measure it, 1 cup exactly?) How many times a day? And what other food should I eat besides that and what about snacks? I know veggies and stuff but what kind and how much? Are there any protein shakes or drinks I can buy that would be good? What's a good meal plan? (Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, snack or breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and what should be the snacks and stuff?) I also work 8 hours a day, pushing carts and I don't want to be having to go take breaks to #%@&! or anything like that... but im willing.

I want to do the raisin brand, because that's the kind of cereal I love, is that good? Also what is the price estimate I'm looking at here? I don't want to go broke. Also what kind of milk should I use? Powdered, slim, what? It can't taste disgusting though...

I want a full plan if possible because I want to be fully commited and start losing some weight and then start eating right and healthy.

Also how should I get my vitamins in each day? The required amount of course and would be drinking like a 20 ounce bottle of orange juice each day be good or bad for the diet?

Oh and I'm 19 years old. 220LB (last I checked about a month or so ago) and 6'1 - 6'2.

JohnR41 06-01-2010 10:56 AM

Re: Kellogg's cereal diet...?

The Kellogg's company invites people to try the Kellogg's diet but doesn't give any details on how to do it? What kind of diet is that? How can they tell people they will lose weight if they have no idea what is being eaten for lunch, dinner and snacks? It seems they have come up with a very clever gimmick to sell more cereal.

They should at least state on the box what the serving size is. Is it one cup? If it tastes good, who will eat just one cup? :) The next thing you know, a potato chip company will come up with, "the potato chip diet". That will be a diet where you eat just one potato chip. :)

If you like Kellogg's cereal so much, go ahead and eat it but don't call it a "diet" if there is no diet plan. Is shredded wheat a diet? Is oatmeal a diet? Is wheat germ a diet?

See if they provide a toll free number on their cereal box. If they do, call them and ask what the diet consists of for weight loss. I'd like to know and I'm sure others would too. :)

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