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hwing91 07-02-2010 07:34 PM

What food to eat? Kidney Failing, Anemic.
My grandmother is 96 and she seems rather healthy.
She has diabetes as well.
She goes on walks daily and isn't senile or anything, so she's mentally and, well I thought, physically healthy.

Though, I found out recently from a doctors visit she's anemic. Her kidneys are also failing so the doctor said while it isn't anything "urgent", she should avoid high potassium foods. But since she is also anemic now, she needs high iron foods. The doctor told her to stay away from green-leafed vegetables...which are her favorite. That's all they really told us... grandmother is can't eat beef.

Now I'm stuck wondering, what foods have high iron but low potassium? Since she can't eat beef, I can't really figure anything out. The diet of my grandmother before was purely vegetables, occasional pork, and lots of fish. She loves vegetables...I was looking at spinach, but found out it has rather high potassium. So now I really don't know what types of foods to buy her at the supermarket? I don't want to start buying her any supplement or vitamin pills or anything, I don't think she would like that. Thank you, any help would be the best!

JohnR41 07-03-2010 08:35 AM

Re: What food to eat? Kidney Failing, Anemic.

I wonder why her doctor didn't give her a list of "good and bad" foods for her condition. When my aunt had kidney failure (from years of taking various medications) her doctor gave her a long detailed list of "good and bad" foods for her condition. It even specified portion sizes. The "don't eat" list was long and the "good foods" list was short, with small portion sizes.

You might need to seek the help of some nutrition professional because having diabetes and kidneys failing at the same time seems a bit complex. Some food ideas that come to mind (like beans and dried fruit) for iron might not be good for diabetes or failing kidneys.

I would call the doctor's office and ask the nurse about getting a list of acceptable foods, including portion sizes.

hwing91 07-03-2010 12:36 PM

Re: What food to eat? Kidney Failing, Anemic.
Thank you, I guess I'll do that. Hopefully they'll provide more useful than they were on our visit. I was just swamped with hearing her kidney's were failing as well as she was anemic to ask anything. Thank you again.

sjb 07-04-2010 10:27 AM

Re: What food to eat? Kidney Failing, Anemic.
Hi there:Here is a government link to potassium: I will probably post the name of a nice nutritional book that has this information for foods for the kidneys and other organ systems and other diseases that you might like to read.

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