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Ghostdivision 12-23-2010 11:01 AM

Metabolism makes me tired
I am just wondering, whenever I take vitamins I get tired after awhile. I feel great, then I crash hard and require more food. I dont have the best diet, and I feel like I need vitamins. But I also dont eat alot.

Without vitamins I still have a high metabolism. Vitamins only speed it up. I take a small dose of b5 for my face (75mg) and the next day I feel drained and need food or i get tired.

I dont know if i should be considering this an issue, I dont want my metabolisim to slow down, but is there anything else that could be interfering or causing this issue?

I was worried I had diabetes, I went through a ton of blood tests after a 14 hour fast (7 vials worth) and nothing.

All I know is I need vitamins to keep healthy face, hair, overall health. After I eat I feel fine, but then after an hour or two I crash and feel hungry again and tired.

I could stop taking vitamins but then my face (acne) will suffer. I also should mention beside b5 I take the minimum rda.

JohnR41 12-23-2010 12:04 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
[QUOTE=Ghostdivision;4646659]I am just wondering, whenever I take vitamins I get tired after awhile. I feel great, then I crash hard and require more food. I dont have the best diet, and I feel like I need vitamins. But I also dont eat alot.[/QUOTE]

Poor diet and not eating enough could be the reason you get tired after a while and require more food. Also, if a person can't eat for some reason, taking some vitamins is better than nothing, although, vitamins can't completely take the place of eating a healthy diet.

Good vegetable sources of B5 are cauliflower, broccoli, leafy greens, tomatoes and sweet potatoes among others. And if you eat lots of vegetables, you'll get so much more than just B5.

Eating a healthy diet will build up your immune system and, hopefully, you'll feel like a new person. :)

92261 12-23-2010 03:51 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
Ghostdivison: Did you get your thyroid checked? Hyperthyroidism can be the cause of losing weight, being tired and weak. You're definitely not eating right. You might benefit from a nutritionist too to help you get a meal plan in place. You're lucky you're not a diabetic because you'd really be in trouble if you're not eating right. See an endocrinolgist and get your thyroid checked and your adrenal glands.

Ghostdivision 12-23-2010 05:29 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
Seven vials of blood were for white blood, red blood cells, CBC, Serum iron, serum Ferritin, Serum b12, Sodium Potassium, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, H.D.L cholesterol, L.D.L cholesterol, phosphates, Lipsase, GGT, AST, ALT, Glucose, Creatinine, Phosphorus, Uric Acid, Magenesium, sTSH, T4, T3,
Testosterone, Gastrin, DHEA-S, Free Testosterone, Immuno Globulins, Ige Quant, Monotest, C-reactive.

Anything else I should have been tested for? I have to go back for the cortisol since it has to be between 4 and 5 pm.

I am guessing the T4, and T3 tests would have detected thyroid problem?

Ghostdivision 12-23-2010 05:32 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
Should also mention i had a sinus infection which I believe returned.

I am wondering if I should go to a sleep clinic, maybe i am having trouble breathing when I sleep?

I dont know.

This has been a life long issue since about 17.

92261 12-23-2010 06:52 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
Ghostdivision: That's alot of tests you had there. The T3, T4 and TSH are for the thyroid. Someone told me recently that the best way to determine if your thyroid is off is to measure it by your Basal Body Temp. You have to take your temp in the morning before you get up and see what it is for 3 days straight. Research that.

Also, your cells in your body need nutrients from food. That's where you should be getting your nutrients. Adding vitamins is o.k. but you can't just live on vitamins. You need a dietician or nutritionist to help you get your food intake on track. You're killing yourself if you don't eat right. You could be dehydrated too.

If you're having trouble breathing you could have thyroid problems or sleep apnea. Do you sleep on your side or on your back? If you sleep on your side you keep your tongue from clogging your throat so the airway stays open. I hope you find what's wrong with you.

Ghostdivision 12-23-2010 07:16 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
I did get an app for a sleep clinic, unfortunately its 2 hours away but maybe worth it.

Doctor dismissed sleep apnea because i am what he classed as a thin-medium build. I am 5'9 around 153.

Dehydration crossed my mind, to keep my skin clean vitamins and the low dose b5 dries me out. I am very sensitive and always have been to anything I take. low doses of vitamins, meds, ect...

B5, zinc, and some other things in my vitamins dry me out or make me feel dehydrated. I dont take any vitamin A retinol since it can be very dangerous taken every day. Amazes me its in multivitamins. If that was in I would be really dried out, vitamin A in accutane and vitamins I used to take really dried me out. Its all beta-carotene in my multivitamin.

This is typically good because the b5 and zinc dry me out a bit, because i have had acne problems. But the small drying effect of these vitamins I take dry me out. Otherwise my skin becomes oily.

I was on accutane for a few years. I am clear now and I dont want to go back to acne. Accutane really dried me out (vitamin a in it) but i stopped that altogether now.

I also use salysiliac acid and benzo peroxide two strong topical acne soaps/creams I apply to my face. Still not enough. I need to take low dosage of b5 and minimum RDA of vitamins. I purchase from a high quality store in canada.

Most people take 5-10 grams to clear dry out acne, I take 75 mg. This has been something I also notice all my life.

I figured maybe it was a liver problem because low dosage of meds would work on me doctors would say wont be enough. Liver issues would have been seen in the blood tests however. I suspected this because i thought the liver was not flushing out any medication vitamins i take and thats why low doses work well.

I have really exhausted almost everything.

I have a family doctor appointment and will be asking him a ton of questions next month and tests.

It was a 6 month wait to see him again.

The only time I am not tired is if I get around 10 hours of sleep which I dont always have time for. As a 26 year old i dont think i should need that much either.

The metabolisim thing I worried about because I used to be very underweight. I used to weigh 130 almost to little. Yet I ate alot. My doctor was concerned I was weighing to little. Also and I hope this does not offend anyone. I dont smoke, but in university i smoked marjuiana occasionally. It speeds up your metabolism. I stopped because the next day I would feel exhausted like I ran a 5 mile race. Also now that I have a career I would never sabatoge that now. But it is something I think about regarding my metabolisim.

Recently I am on a low dose of effexor for anxiety/low depression 37.5 mg lowest dose available. My doctor said would not work. I have went up to high doses and noticed it didnt do anymore for me then the lowest dose which works great. That made me gain a bit of weight, almost everyone seems to gain weight on it. Luckily it was in my arms, chest, not my waist. No longer have any depression now.

Just throwing out random things maybe catch someones attention.

JohnR41 12-24-2010 12:24 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
There's one other thing you might try. List what you eat on a typical day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Also, calories per day, if you happen to know.
Then we might have some suggestions for improvements in your diet.

If you do this, don't forget to include portion sizes, type of dressings used and how the food was prepared. Many will say that they had chicken for lunch, period. Was it breaded and deep fried or boiled? Or they will sometimes say they had cereal for breakfast, period. Was it high sodium or high sugar? What was the amount?

Ghostdivision 12-25-2010 10:01 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
Typical day consists of snackwell bar in the morning. Lunch i usually make a sandwhich with turkey miracle whip lettuce pickles and cheese, sometimes i am so hungry i make and eat two.

Supers vary sometimes i eat takeout like pizza, sometimes i make something. Previous evening i ate steak bbq'd, with noodles, sometimes carrotts, sometimes salad with dressing, sometimes corn. Evening is tough to say, i dont really eat many chips or chocolate, sometimes I will eat another sandwhich sometimes maybe carrotts and ranch dip, occasionally cookies.

My diet consists mainly of meats but i do eat vegetables. I also drink alot of milk.

Then i take my multivitamin after super usually.

92261 12-26-2010 07:39 AM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
Ghostdivision: I was looking at your meals you're eating and suggest you try to stay away from the pizza as much as possible. You need to eat more fruits. If you're eating salad that's good but you need to eat other green veggies like, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, peas, brussel sprouts, celery, etc. Carrots are good but you can add other orange veggies like butternut squash, turnip, and yams. Try to make some soups if you can.

You definitely need to drink more water. Milk is good but you need the water.

And........ a Snackwell bar for breakfast in the morning needs to be changed. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat some oatmeal, cereal, even a pancake would be better than that bar. Add some fresh fruits and nuts and some orange juice and you're ready to go. Make some changes and hopefully you'll get better.

Tminus10 12-27-2010 11:46 PM

Re: Metabolism makes me tired
It sounds like adrenal burnout to me. Pantathenic acid or b5 can act as a mild stimulant--stimulating the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones among other things. You might get some temporary benefit but because your adrenals are so stressed in the first place, the stimulatory effect of the vitamin causes a drop of energy on the back end.

The fact that you need 10 hours of sleep also supports this idea. When you are in a burn out state, normal sleep doesn't replenish your body. You usually wake up not feeling rested.

An easy but not always valid test you can perform yourself is to stand up quickly from a lying down position. If you get dizzy, that may indicate an adrenal problem.

Adrenal problems can take a while to recover from. As others have posted, eating right, a good diet is crucial, plenty of sleep and eliminating stresses as much as possible. Sometimes learning to let go of things is the key to recovery.

A good adrenal supplement may be a good idea as well.

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