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bamakathy 03-29-2011 10:50 PM

Nutrition suggestions needed-changing my eating habits
I am post-menopausal and had not been paying much attention to my nutrition for awhile. I noticed I was increasingly tired, and my thinking felt foggy, hard to concentrate. A friend suggested I give up Aspertame to see if it helped, and it has. I'm drinking more water, and have added some foods she suggested like whole grain breads, blueberries, salmon, olive oil, almonds. I also try to have a couple of nights each week when we eat vegetarian. I really am looking for nutritional advice on other foods that I should include in my new way of eating. My husband is following my lead on this, so I want to change us both to healthier habits. I welcome your suggestions.

JohnR41 03-31-2011 02:21 PM

Re: Nutrition suggestions needed-changing my eating habits
Do you ever make salads with lots of dark leafy greens, tomatoes, celery, onion, beans etc.?
If one serving is a 1/2 cup, I would recommend 4 or more servings per person.

bamakathy 03-31-2011 07:04 PM

Re: Nutrition suggestions needed-changing my eating habits
yes, I do like salads. Mine are usually spring mix with tomatoes. I'll try to think about adding more to them. Thanks for the suggestion.

InShapeAfter50 04-13-2011 08:52 AM

Re: Nutrition suggestions needed-changing my eating habits
I have been reading nutrition books for awhile and most seem to agree that beans should be a diet staple. I am now trying out various bean recipes. Beans are low on the glycemic index, high in fiber, high in protein. I did not eat beans growing up so there has been quite a learning curve for me, learning how to cook them, getting used to the taste, but They do seem to be a good addition. You can have them as a side dish, or add to your salads. Today I am going to try making baked beans. Never did this before so will see how it turns out.

tUrRrRa 05-12-2011 07:39 PM

Re: Nutrition suggestions needed-changing my eating habits
I love salads and make them often! My recommendation is to regularly try some new things, because I find that I get stuck eating the same things pretty often and get burnt out on them. I love grilled chicken with a side of salad/veggies, but occasionally I treat myself to a lean steak. For snacks, I'm currently loving certain fruit and nut bars, trail mix, and fruits/veggies. One of my favorite snacks would be grape tomatoes! Every once in a while I do buy something decadent to enjoy every now and then, like a cupcake or slice of cake. Most of all I notice a big difference when I'm not eating too carb-heavy. I used to eat too many carbs and too little protein and fresh produce, and then I tend to feel very tired all the time. Lots of fresh foods and more protein usually helps me feel more energized.

I actually tried to give up aspartame but was not successful! I frequently chew gum because of a medication I take that gives me a very dry mouth... I didn't want to chew gum with sugar in it, and I already drink a lot of water, so I decided I'd keep my gum for now. I also like crystal light energy powder, so I am looking for a good replacement! I thought that cutting out aspartame might help my migraines, but with some experimenting, I learned that it wasn't making any difference whether I had it or not. I definitely would love to give it up and find replacements for everything one day :)

tUrRrRa 05-17-2011 07:47 AM

Re: Nutrition suggestions needed-changing my eating habits
^ I agree! I love making healthy shakes! I find that it might be a little more expensive to buy what you need at the beginning, but you will be well stocked to make shakes/smoothies for a while. I buy a large container of whey protein powder (the kind I buy isn't that expensive - around $20 - but some are much more) which has a lot of servings. Then I buy various frozen berries and other fruits. All I need to add is some skim milk! If I'm wanting something very sweet, I'll add a packet of crystal light (I just try to not have too much artificial sweetener). If I'm out of milk, I can make the shakes with water, but they aren't as filling and seem like more of a snack. I especially find the shakes good for breakfast or lunch when there isn't time to prepare or buy a full meal. I also like making a shake with vanilla powder, a banana, large spoonful of peanut butter! It's like a dessert since it's so good :)

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