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DaBlackberryBoy 11-20-2011 04:15 PM

How did it happen again?
Friends, hello. New to the boards. I have a question about GERD but let me tell me story briefly...

I use to eat whatever, whenever. About 3 years ago, I ate some chinese out with a co-worker and we think the food was tainted because I got really ill later that night. The next few days to weeks, I had food poisioning symtoms and got through that. Prior to the ordeal, I use to be able to drink milk, after I got better, I could not longer drink 2% milk. Went back to doc and he said I had GERD.

New to me, he put me on a bland diet and told me to take 1 20mg omeprazole daily before dinner and symptoms subsided.

Fast forward to a 2 and a half weeks ago, I had a really bad cold. So I got over the cold (I thought), took some robitussin dm nighttime. Then about a week later my cold came back, although this time it came with a cough that triggered my gag reflex. Dry heaving started when I was trying to sleep, heart was beating like crazy, chest hurt, I didnt know what happened. So wife took me to ER.

Doc said he thought mucas/drainage getting in my throat, to stomach, causing the gag. So they put me on anti-nausea meds and antibiotics cause they thought it was bronchial related. I kept heaving for days, so went back in and doc on call said it was GERD.

So my doc put me on carafate 15ml 3 times daily, blood pressure meds since my pressure was up (I'm a worrier) and one omeprazole 20mg in morning and one at night. I am feeling better but just hate that I am on all these meds.

My question, my GERD was in check for over 3 years. I have been stressed due to work, but felt like I had it under control. Could my recent spell have been caused by the triggering cough? Can I ever shake GERD to keep it in check? Since I was diagnosed 3 years back, I have eaten a bland diet, exercised a hour on most days during the week, took my meds religiously, drank lots of water (2.5+ Liters daily), stay in good shape food wise, get good sleep, manage my stress; I've done everything you're suppose to to control GERD.

It makes me depressed to think all it takes is a cough to trigger and then I have to relive the torture and pay tons on money for meds all over again. :confused:

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