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retired70 11-16-2012 02:47 PM

wife does not like food, losing weight
My wife no longer likes food. No matter what I try to fix for her she does not like it. She has been to several doctors, no good solutions.

jjmissycat 11-17-2012 03:11 AM

Re: wife does not like food, losing weight
Hi, do you recall what your wife liked to eat in the past? Sometimes as we get older our appetites get smaller as do our frames. I remember before my dad passed away at 86 a used to be tall man at 6'4 he shrunk down to 5'8 and seemed to small to me. He went off so many foods but enjoyed fresh fruits and peanut butter, well that is what he got:)
Your wife maybe going through the same thing and he started not liking food around 72. If he didn't get demsia and severe arthritis from head to to he would have lived as long as my zaida over 90...
Try this slowly at first cutting up the pieces then adding more different fruit she used to like, there is nothing as good as a fruit salad and very healthy.
The very best of luck:)

retired70 11-17-2012 03:36 PM

Re: wife does not like food, losing weight
She has been having bowel problems all this year. She has got to the point of not liking food as it does not settle well with stomach or bowels. Tired of going to doctors. Had colonoscopy a couple years ago and found nothing, except: did biopsy--microscopic colitis with lymphocytes. Or lymphocytic colitis. She is careful of what she does eat. No wheat products, etc. She does not have cilliac disease. Thank you for repying I haven't worked on this site for a long time, so forget how to do some of the entries. Wife and I are both 76 years old.

jjmissycat 11-17-2012 11:20 PM

Re: wife does not like food, losing weight
Hi:) Yes a tough age for some as the body makes it hard to digest certain foods but there is so much out there that could help her stomach and not get it upset. I am going with my experience yogart really helped me with fruit to taste and rice cakes and no flour or salt or sugar just natural ingrediants. I have IBS which i have had for years and a spinal disease which put me in a wheelchair. I just turned 39 in June. The whole idea of dealing with whatever comes your way is to try with all you have to try anything to still live your life. My husband lost all his family to cancer his mom and dad, sister and brother, even his step father. He turned 50 in April..i make sure they (the doctors) do every early test possible for early detection.
Please tell your wife she is so needed here in this life, by you i am asuming your kids and grandkids, maybe great grands. Life is so precious and she needs to rry to be around for you and the rest of the family. Send her hugs for me ok and let her see this email if that is ok:) I don't know her, but i want her to feel better so you both can enjoy your golden years...

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