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Greatful2012 01-19-2013 10:34 AM

Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
I watched a few documentaries about juicing and blending. Now, I've got this crazy idea that I should have a fruit and vegetable cocktails every morning.

Coworkers ask me about my breakfast concoctions now. I have lost a couple pounds over the past few weeks, but the real impact has been that I just feel better! I wake up refreshed, have more energy during the day, and just feel better over all.

I've blended all kinds of stuff: blueberries and carrots, kale and strawberries, cilantro and lime, and other combos that weren't very good.

Today's concoction: 1 lemon, 1 piece of Kale, a little lettuce, handful of strawberries, a couple slices of mango, a couple slices of papaya, and water to help it blend.

What do you think about blending fruits and veggies?

EasyyGoingGuy 01-20-2013 09:07 PM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
Yep. I also get a 'boost' of energy and nutrition from blending fruits and veggies. My regular smoothie blend is apple, banana, berries, kale or spinach and whey powder. It's like a sudden rush of vitamins into your body and feels amazing!

From what I've researched is seems that blending is best because you get the pulp. Juicing removes the pulp. The pulp is important to prevent an insulin surge.

starryGal09 01-22-2013 08:31 PM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
I believe juicing is great. Some say it is still processed and ALL veggies and fruits should be eaten whole and raw - which I do! But juices are just FUN and a GREAT WAY to add greens like spirulina and chlorella and E3 which are so darn good for your health. I am not kidding.

In fact, I do juice fasting so much! I try to watch my sugar tho and in the event I over do I take cinnamon to offset the load of blood sugar. Love my Carrot, apple, lemon and ginger in the morning.

Barb8Y 01-23-2013 06:01 AM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
i don't why blending vegetable and fruits would not be good for you, it is always good when you eat or drink vegetables and fruits blended or not

jennifer0023 02-01-2013 06:10 AM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
I love juicing. I started out with more fruits but now I love the veggies. My favorite is Kale, carrots, spinach and half a banana with a blended vitamin mix. I feel better lately. I suffer from irregular heart beats and it's vital I take care of myself. I no longer feel "toxic" from the crap I was eating. I felt tired and sickly. I now feel good. My father is 70 years old and lately I make him one a day and notice he has more energy. I will always have them for the rest of my live.

Greatful2012 03-14-2013 12:20 PM

This morning I had water, kale, lime, and a sour green apple. Pretty good, but I should have removed the kale stem -- too bitter!

Anyone else doing fun smoothies?

Anjovi 03-14-2013 05:23 PM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
I think one thing you might want to consider is the water.

From what I understand you should not be drinking water with your meals, but be drinking it about 2 hours before or after your meals. The reason is that the saliva itself is what's doing most of the work in breaking down your food, and helping absorb the nutrients from the food. When you drink water it interferes with the saliva so your generally just washing the food down as opposed to fully digesting it, and getting most of the nutrients.

Might be an idea to toy around with, I've seen many arguments that justify both sides so take it with a grain of salt.

Greatful2012 03-18-2013 07:25 PM

Thanks Anjovi! That's an interesting point.

If I don't put water though, it's too thick to drink....

Anjovi 03-18-2013 08:47 PM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
yeah, that is true. I don't think water will be the end all to the world or anything...but if you needed to moisten it up..perhaps having a juicer around to liquefy some of the veggies might help..although that could be too extensive.

maybe milk? i have no idea about milk to be honest...hehe i just use it with my kefir.

anywho's your doing alot better then you would if you were cooking it in dinners from what i understand.

sjb 03-19-2013 10:28 AM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
Greetings Greatful2012! Welcome to the diet and nutrition Healthboards! :) In my opinion the fruit meal should be kept separate from the vegetable meal and I think they taste better in separate meals usually anyway with only a few minor exceptions. I think it is o.k. for lemon juice to be put on greens or salads with other seasonings. Most of the time, however, inside the body vegetables mixed with fruit create a sort of war in the stomach and does not feel quite as good in my opinion as meals with the fruits and vegetables kept separated.

As far as blending goes for a real meal I would not to do that all the time unless there are no teeth or very poor teeth. If teeth implants are needed and can be put in they should be put in. After awhile one really wants good solid food. Two or three simple dishes in any one meal are sufficient in my opinion. I think the digestion might actually be better possibly if it is not blended just because the saliva is to have an important action on the food. When food is blended there is a tendency in some people at least to swallow it earlier than it would have been if it had been chewed and therefore there would be less time for the food to be in contact with the important digestive fluid in the mouth.

Some foods, however, can be made with the blender such as mayonnaise without vinegar and additives in a blender and then it would be healthier than the real mayonnaise. Also some wonderful nut milks may be made in the blender. If the real milk had dangerous bacteria, virus or prion in it then of course the nut milk would be healthier.

If vegetable or fruit juices are used between meals they need time in the mouth before swallowing with mouth motions as if swallowing to help stimulate the production of saliva with it.

Some people do develop diabetes if a lot of sweet fruit juices are used. ( some of them tend to use desserts also which may also contribute to diabetes. ) That is why when juices are needed or desired I would encourage the use of vegetable juices more and perhaps an eight ounce glass of orange juice daily if desired but not much more of sweet juice.

Juicing has helped some people get stronger after surgery, chemotherapy and a bout of cancer. Some people have gotten well with juicing alone. Others have gone to their grave with juice alone. Perhaps they did not follow all of the rules to have a healthy body. Different types of vegetable juice need to be used over the period of a week. Of course everyone makes their own health care decisions and if a professional is desired a dietician could be seen. Peace, sjb :)

Greatful2012 03-20-2013 05:46 PM

Re: Is blending vegetables and fruits good for you?
[QUOTE=Lyghtning;5149901]What is kale? I have to google that[/QUOTE]

Kale is a leafy greenish vegetable. When I throw them in the blender for these smoothies, I usually strip the leaf from the stem. The stem is too bitter, IMO.

What kind of smoothies do you like?

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