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jeep392 11-10-2014 04:21 AM

Underweight? & Can't gain weight

I am a 24 year old male, having some thoughts about my weight / metabolism. Because this isn't an overweight problem or a diet problem I decided to just post this in the general section. So forgive me if its wrong.

Ill start off with my life as a child. I never ate..... ANYTHING. I wouldn't even eat pizza when my family had pizza. Never ate a lot of meats, veggies etc. My parents of course always made me eat some, but I remember being on pediasure drinks because I wasn't taking enough nutrients in as a younger child.

When my teens hit, I grew out of it quick. I ate a TON. But I was always very active, running, biking, skateboarding, drumming etc. I was never allowed to stay inside a play games too much etc. (which im thankful for today) So I ate a lot, but was always a skinny / tone muscle build.

Then I graduated, started college and slowed down. Played to many video games and stopped the physical activities, as well as started bad eating habits. At around the age of 21-22 I was 185+ pounds. I know that doesn't sound like a bad weight at all, but If you know me and how slim I have always been, I had packed on about 25-30 pounds of fat from high school.

So about a year and a half ago I got married. And about 6 months before my wedding I decided to change my lifestyle around. I started eating healthy and hitting the gym every day after work. By healthy eating, I mean NOT dieting but just watching what I eat. I am a huge Organic and Non-GMO consumer now. I try to eat organic / non-gmo whenever possible. But I still eat/buy normal products. And I still eat out (fast food etc) when I have too because of my schedule etc. I still eat a lot. 3 meals a day, with snacking in between. I was working out every work day (mon-fri). I started my workout with a run. The runs started short, but after a while I was running 3+ miles a day. After the run I would workout whatever muscle group was designated that day. During all that working out, I drank two protein shakes a day on top of all my regular eating.

And before my wedding I lost 40+ pounds! (weighing around 143-145 pounds, this is less than what I weighed in high school) I was super excited. I felt great. Had loads of energy, was super toned and was the strongest I had ever been. I had my abs back, and was toned. I went from a pants waist size 36 back to a 30 and still have to use a belt. But every day I would hit the gym with my brother with one goal in mind. Gaining some good muscle weight. My weight lifting kept going up and up, but I wasn't gaining a single pound. Kept getting stronger but not gaining ANY weight.

After a while school started back up, me and my wife have a house and im really busy. SO I haven't went to the gym in probably 8 months. Yet I haven't gained a single pound. Family and friends are always telling me that I need to gain weight and that I am too skinny etc. And it started to put the thought in my head...... Is there something wrong with me?

I also have a physically demanding job. I don't sit down at all at work. I probably burn a lot of calories at work. Its pretty demanding work. And I usually sweat all day in the summer etc. So this could also be keeping my metabolism at a steady high where it is.

Now, remember I didn't lose all this weight out of nowhere. It wasn't a surprise like some sort of disease hit me. I worked for it every day. Ran every day. So its not like the weight loss was surprising. But what surprised me and bothers me is that I can't gain any GOOD weight. I was drinking almost 100g of protein shakes a day, along with 3 decent meals and eating. Working out, and gaining on the weights, but never gaining muscle weight. And now that I haven't worked out in 8+ months and still haven't gained any weight. It has me worried. Is there something wrong with me at 24, 145 pounds 6ft tall (30in waist)? Or is my metabolism just really high from being so active before?

I know that some people wouldn't complain about being the weight that I am, but everyone in my family is bigger than me. Dad, little brother etc. I am the smallest. And everyone is telling me they are worried about my health/weight. Im not sure what to think anymore. I still feel very good. Best I have ever felt in my life.

lenvegas 11-10-2014 07:16 AM

Re: Underweight? & Can't gain weight
Hi, if you feel good and you are healthy, that is really all that counts. However, for you putting on 20 pounds of muscle and a 32 inch waste would be ideal. To do that may take a few years but keep on the good diet, drink the protein shakes and lift heavy everyday, 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day alternating leg and upper body/core days.

andersdu 01-14-2015 12:52 PM

Re: Underweight? & Can't gain weight
Look into weight gaining supplements. While the ingredients often aren't ideal, you can use them to pack on weight in a short amount of time.

SoleSearcher 02-07-2015 05:22 PM

Re: Underweight? & Can't gain weight
I've pretty much maintained a similar weight since my 20s. I can eat like crazy and not really gain weight. We're hard-gainers or what I think they call "ectomorphs". I'll fluctuate a little bit from time to time, but I'm always right around 152-155lb. I've gone through phases where I was really working out hard, eating right, and taking in protein and weight gain supplements. I would definitely show muscle growth and see improvements, but then it would all taper off and my weight would still be the same.

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