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spag1234 01-23-2015 05:20 PM

Sudden increased appetite
I'm 17 years old, 5'3 and I've had a history of under eating and have went from 120 to 108 pounds over. A year and a half. I'm very active and because of this and the weight loss, I lost my period for 9 months. While I was losing weight I was eating about 1600 calories a day but upped to 2200 calories and continued to lose weight. It wasn't until I upped to 2500 cals that I started to maintain. But about two weeks ago I've been NONSTO hungry to the point where I have to restrict myself to even stay under 3000 cals... I'm nervous because I've gained 6 pounds in these two weeks while still being active every night (I'm a dancer) and I'm nervous I'll never stop and gett overweight! I won't lie but I've ways been very worried about my appearance. At my lowest weight you could see my abs and now I can't. When I was dieting I was very fearful of food and became anxious/stressed/depressed if I even overate by a few hundred calories. I knew that something was wrong because I was always cold, moody and even though I liked how I looked, I wasn't eating how I really would like to and I have a HUGE appetite. Now I feel like my appetite is coming back and bigger than ever and I'm so scared that it will escalade. I know I probably need to gain some body fat to regain my period but I didn't expect to gain 6 pounds in only two weeks! I was fun with eating 2500 calories for a few months and felt happy doing so because I was maintaining at around 110... But now it's like I struggle to eve stay at 2500. I've had 4000 days and that really scares me. Eating what I'm eating right now feels like an enjoyable life but it's hard for me to enjoy it when I'm gaining weight. I don't know if this is my hormones kicking in or if I'm just emotional eating. Most of the time I don't feel physically hungry to eat more but the desire to eat is so strong that I can't get my mind off of it. I don't want to go back to 120 pounds I really felt confident when I could see my abs at 110. But I also love to eat:( is there any way I could still look defined and eat as much as a want? I feel as though my friends probably eat this much but they don't gain weight like I am. I don't want my metabolism to be ruined by eating less than ican, but if that's true then I should be able to eat 2800-3000 without gaining weight

jef446 01-29-2015 04:47 PM

Re: Sudden increased appetite
You have a lot of misunderstandings with nutrition. 2800-3000 calories is too much for me to lose weight. I'd be maintaining or gaining slightly... I am a 6 foot 1 220 lb male...
At your height and weight 1700-1900 would be maintenance for you. If you want to lose weight you should be eating 1200-1500. Gain 2100-2400. Where did you get 2800-3000 from? You also said you are 17. Let your body grow. You're not quite don't yet (most likely) 110-120 is a completely healthy normal range for a girl of your height and age.

What are you eating? More fibrous vegetables and grains will help to maintain satiety. Also, don't confuse hunger with thirst. Are you drinking adequate amounts of water? At least 2 liters a day preferably more? If you're an active athlete i'd shoot for a gallon of water a day MINIMUM

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