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  • Visceral hypersensitivity (stomach burning, and sensitive esophagus)

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    Visceral hypersensitivity (stomach burning, and sensitive esophagus)

    Finally, someone who shares the same problems I have. What a relief!!!!! I've been looking all over the internet and couldn't find anything similar to what I have. Been to the doctor and have had numerous test done and still can't find the answer. I to have that burning feeling in my stomach. OMG, I am so happy that I stumbled upon this forum. I was getting fed up and wanted to die, (no joke)

    Here's my story if you care to read and perhaps offer some insight.

    All my problems started 4 months ago. Before then I could eat anything I wanted without a care in the world. I could eat anything, anytime, whenever I wanted. My diet wasn't the healthiest but at the same time I didn't shy away from vegetables or fruit either. And I was fairly active. Although I didn't do a lot of heavy lifting at the gym I did do a good amount of walking each day.

    With that being said, I was very stressed out. Almost 24/7. I was stressed at work and I was stressed once I got home. My work followed me every where I went. The only time I wasn't stressed was when I was asleep. Prior to getting ill I had also had a huge fight with my mom. We got into a screaming match over something and if you knew me, I never scream about anything so you can imagine how upset and mad I was at the moment. I was also dealing with anxiety as well so that didn't really help.

    Anyway, one day I'm at the mall and I try a piece of greasy fried chicken. Normally, this would have been no problem. But this time was different. When I tried to swallow the chicken for some reason my esophagus would tighten around the piece of chicken as it went down my throat. It was kindda painful. It was almost as if the muscles in my throat were so tense it didn't want the chicken to enter my stomach. I'm like, wow, that was weird. Prior to that I was feeling perfectly fine. No fever, no pain, no nothing.

    The next few days got worse. After the chicken incident I was even more anxious and nervous to eat anything for fear of having the same feeling in my throat. And then one night before bed. That's when it happen. I started getting a burning feeling in my stomach. It was weird because I had been very careful the days before not to eat anything greasy or fried. Soon after I started getting chest pains and back pains.

    I went to see a family doctor, told him what happened, he prescribed some PPI's (protonix) I think. I've never heard of PPI's before so I was willing to try anything at this point to ease the burning and chest and back pains.

    I was on the PPI's for a month and all was well. I didn't get the burning in my stomach and the chest and back pains went away. But I was still living my hectic and stressful life style. Although I had cleaned up my eating habits quite a lot.

    My prescription of PPI's for the first month ended so I figured I was better again. A few days off the medication and my stomach started to burn again so I went back to the doctor. He prescribed more PPI's and suggested I look into seeing a GI doctor. I scheduled an appointment later that month.

    Then one day in the middle of the second month, I got really sick and started throwing up. I don't know if it was a side effect of the PPI's or because of something I ate but it really scared me. I decided to go off the PPI's for a day since maybe that was what caused the problem. The next night, I was feeling a little better so I decided to work out and after eating I started to feel the stomach burn again. More intense than all the other times. I was really scared. I figured I'll go to sleep and it'll disappear in the morning. Unfortunately my stomach was still burning when I woke up!! I'm was even more scared than I've ever been.

    I decided to go into the ER. They ran some test on my blood, everything came back normal. Told them what happened and they prescribed something called Carafate, something that helps with stomach ulcers which is what they thought the problem could be. One of the nurses suggested stress could be a factor. They also gave me some PPI's through an IV.

    They gave me a list of things to eat that was easy on the stomach and told me to follow up with my GI doctor.

    That night I didn't feel any pain and was able to sleep. The thing that started stressing me out was the list of food they wanted me to eat. Mostly, white bread, and highly processed foods, since it's easy for the stomach to digest that kind of food. Which totally frustrated the hell out of me cause I was brought up to believe these are the things you shouldn't eat. So I was scared to eat anything at the point. I looked on the internet to see what I was able to eat with GERD which is what I assumed I had and from what my doctor's told me, but everything on the internet contradicts each other. One person says you should eat this and another says you should eat that. ***?!?!?!?! I was stressed beyond belief.

    I meet with the GI doctor, I tell him everything that's happened. He signs me up for an endoscopy where he looks in my stomach. Couldn't find anything. No infection, no h.phlori, no celiac disease, only small traces of gastritis but other than that every thing was normal. No ulcers either.

    I get tested for Hepatitis A,B,C. Everything Normal. I even got tested for HIV!!!!! He wanted to know why I lost so much weight. HIV test came back negative. I knew I didn't have HIV but when a doctor tells you to go get tested for something, you begin to think you have it! So I was freaking out over the possibility of HIV. OMG. I told him the results and he's like, "oh I knew you didn't have it all a long, I just wanted to make sure".

    I had a chest xray done, which is normal. Ultrasound in my upper right quadrant, show's normal size liver, everything is normal. I also have a HIDA scan, gallbladder works normal. Everything came back normal, they couldn't find anything. I even had a rectal exam to test for rectal bleeding. Nope, everything was normal.

    I decided enough was enough. I went off the PPI's and stopped my stressful lifestyle. The PPI's stopped working by the way. I was still getting the burning in my stomach while I was on them. I tried a lot of ways to relax myself. Bubble baths, stretching, going for walks around my neighborhood. Taking to friends. Breathing exercises, etc.

    After a week or two I did notice now that my stomach burning wasn't as intense or less frequent. I don't burp as much either or have as much gas as I did earlier.
    Chest pains and back pains have even subsided. But I did realize one important thing, every time I was stressed or anxious about something the stomach burn would hit me hard and that would trigger all the other problems again, like chest pains and back pains. Sometimes the stomach burn would come on out of no where which stressed me out.

    I would also get the stomach burn when I got excited about something as well. So I had to limit my activities, no violent video games and no violent movies. I basically can't do anything except watch the nature channel. I guess my body at this point is so stressed and whacked out it can't discern the difference between being happy and excited over stress and anxiety. I felt like anything could trigger my stomach burn.

    I also tried eating a tiny piece of fried chicken. Everything was okay. And then the next day, I figured well, everything was fine yesterday I'll try a little more fried chicken today. But I was still scared about having that horrible feeling as it went down my throat like that one time at the mall. I was kinda nervous. And sure enough as I swallowed it, I had the same feeling of my esophagus squeezing the chicken as it went down my throat. Although it wasn't as intense it was still there. I've read that when you anxious or nervous you can tighten the muscles in your throat?

    I'm making progress month by month but it's a pain in the butt so make such little progress in such a long amount of time. My biggest problem now, has to be the stomach burn. It really stresses me out. What's even worse is that sometimes, when I'm no feeling the burn, I'm wondering "where's the burning feeling" and so I'm anxiously waiting for the burning to return. It's a horrible cycle I've got myself into thinking.

    Anyway another week go by and I'm able to eat again although not as much and am still losing weight. My stomach still burns on and off. Some days more than usual. I'm tired of this. I feel miserable. I need help and I'm finally glad there's something I can ask my doctor about. I will mention the visceral hypersensitivity thing when I see him next week. Because quite honestly, I'm all out of ideas and I can clearly see the look on my GI doctor's face that he's clueless as to what it could be as well. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Out of all the times I've seen this GI doctor, not once did he ask me if I was ever stressed or anything….. I'm only 30 and I'm having this problem. Every one tells me I'm too young to be having such serious health problems.

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