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  • Chronic digestive issues that have been undiagnosed

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    Chronic digestive issues that have been undiagnosed

    I am an otherwise healthy 22 year old boy who's live has been overturned by my constant digestive discomfort. I think that the initial cause of it was, when I was 19, I caught a particularly bad strain of Noro virus while at university, which very strongly attacked my stomach. After a week or so, I improved and, although i had slight bloating after meals etc. it didn't affect my lifestyle particularly. About a year later (summer of 2014), I think I got salmonella (or some sort of food poisoning from chicken) and since then, I have been battling symptoms such as changeable bowel movements, acid reflux, constant belching, farting (or wanting to but not being able to), bloating, dizziness, tiredness, depression. I never know what to eat, I have been tested for food allergies, coeliac disease, I've had endoscopies, colonoscopies, I have been to the Mayr clinic in austria, I have been to doctors in Paris, sent my poo to Arizona. No one can find what is worng with me. I tried the candida diet for two months. No improvement. I am really starting to get fed up with it. Has anybody had a similar experience to me? I feel like i cannot tolerate any food at all ever. Everything i eat leaves me feeling like ****, although, for sure certain things leave me feeling worse: Dairy products, fatty products, processed foods, raw foods are the main things i stay away from which effectively leaves me with meat, fish, veg, potatoes. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN RELATE TO THIS. It is extremely depressing.

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    Re: Chronic digestive issues that have been undiagnosed

    Hi I'm 34 and also have the same symptoms as you it's a nightmare, a Dr I saw in the U.K. suggested EDS and PoTs please have a look at these two conditions and see if they could be the cause of your problems. Goodluck

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    Re: Chronic digestive issues that have been undiagnosed

    I'll be 37 in a few weeks.
    I was sick allot as a child.
    When I was 19 & pregnant Chronic Fatigue & Detealization hit among other issues & never went away. Took 11 yrs for me to figure out I have Derealization. No diagnosis but I've had it get a CFS diagnosis, right before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also have Nueropathy, Bursistis, degenerative disk.
    After my 3rd child 7 yrs ago, pain set in & ive been very sick since. What's weired is I gained allot of weight within 2-3 months. I was still active. I raised farm & game birds. Between that & housgold raising a family chores, I worked over 12 hr days 7 days a week. Most of it outside hard labor. I wasn't eating very many calories even though I was breastfeeding & supposed to. But it packed on & stayed.
    I have Anxiety but doctors kept saying I was depressed. I'm only depressed at times because I'm sick. But Anxiety is uncontrollable. I don't remember having it until I became so sick.
    I have terrible neck pain, get excruciating headaches, always hurt, always feel like I have the flu.
    Over the last year I lost about 60 pounds. I've been struggling to keep weight on for the last few months. I'm just so sick I'm NEVER hungry. Always feel full. The thought of food alone is unappealing. I was happy to lose at first. But I was dropping weight so fast. I'm in Little girls clothes now. Im struggling to eat but need to force myself or I will die.
    I've seen many doctors. Many specialists.
    It's been a long hard road. It's destroying my life & family.
    Oh, I throw up bright yellow bile. Stress, to much activity (probably from pushing myself to much). Doctors can't tell me why. I've had what feels like a vibration in my bones. It's excruciatingly uncomfortable. I take Tramadol to keep it away. If I miss a dose it hits.
    I can write a book on my problems so trying to stay on the basics...
    Now, to get to my point.
    I recently seen a gastrologist. At first he seemed sympathetic. But he wanted me to go milk/dairy free for 6 weeks. Concidering that yogurt was one of the few things I could tolerate... Ice Cream is what I turned to in order to maintain calories. I was frustrated. I went dairy free for awhile many years ago, before getting sicker, & I never noticed anything. Greasy heavy foods not appetizing so avoid cheese is easy. I also went wheat free because I am allergic to Wheat Starch. I read that I should be avoiding all wheat. That hasn't been difficult either. After 2 weeks of going without milk, yogurt & ice cream my husband was forcing me to eat. But he would make me eat ham, bacon & eggs which took forever because it's not easy to choke down.
    He then started pushing me to eat ice cream again. I decided to introduce it back into my diet. I didn't notice anything at first. Not to get into my symptoms, I did find that ice cream & cheese seems to give me a few reactions while having milk gives me different reactions, like throwing up bile. I haven't tested the milk out again & not sure I want to. I was sick again this morning because of so much stress at home yesterday.
    I am on an anti anxiety med & meds for Fibro. My recent Dr told me I'm not being treated appropriately. We're going to come up with a treatment plan. But I had a breakthrough with the dairy. If that is my problem, it could be caused from wheat damaging my system & causing me to be intolerant to milk products. Or being intolerant to milk could be causing me at least 1/2 my problems. I'm willingly no to avoid them if it means I can feel better & have a good quality life. I'm frustrated because doctors should have helped me figure this out. BTW, I recently had a swollen kidney & have gastritis also. If my intestes are inflamed & swollen, it could be causing me so many symptoms! Plus I don't think I'm getting enough nutrition..
    Btw, I cut out what also because he mentioned that I could have more than one food sensitivity. He's right. Avacados give me headaches & sinus pressure. I've eaten it in small amounts okay. But will avoide it completely now that I know what I do.
    Do some reading. Not on food allergies. I've been tested for Celiac Disease about 4 times, 2 different tests. I've had allergy testing. Not food allergy testing, but it would prob come back normal. Having a food intolerance does not show up on allergy tests. Those tests are to check for a immune response. Being intolerant does not cause that response. It causes intestinal issues. But everyone reacts differently.
    Please, google Food Intolerance. You seem to have all the symptoms for it. Like my problem, your doctors can't figure it out... try cutting out all milk products. Watch out for Lactose & also Casien. Casein is also in milk products & many people are sensitive to it. It is put in unsuspected foods, so read labels...
    There are many ways to figure out your food sensitivities. I just downloaded an app where I can list food I eat & symptoms I have. Helps you figure it out
    Please read up on Food Sensitivies. Ignoring it won't make it go away. I'd hate for you to go through a life time of problems. I know it's a hard one to admit. If I was actually hungry & not always so sick feeling I would love to eat pizza & all that stuff I've been missing out on. But going without that stuff is a small price to pay if it means saving my life. I have hope that I'll get my health back. Be able to feel alive again...
    It's amazing how many people shouldn't be ingesting milk but do. It causes allot of undiagnosed health problems & I believe it now..

    Good Luck!

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