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clutchley 02-23-2017 09:35 AM

Unusual Digestive Symptoms ... Docs have no clue!
For about 8 months now I have had some unusual digestive symptoms. Short version: About 30 minutes after eating I have "burning mouth syndrome" and visual blurring. The more I eat, the greater the symptoms become. In addition, I have brain fog and extreme fatigue.

I have had a full GI workup with ECG and Colonoscopy. ONLY a small 5mm gastric ulcer and mild,chronic gastritis were found, now healed with meds. Docs told me that symptoms were related to small ulcer.

A second opinion GI doc told me that it wasn't GI related. I have had Allergy and neurology consults which were negative.

I am pretty desperate to find out what's wrong. PLEASE, anyone who can add some insight here, I would welcome your response.

kanded 02-24-2017 06:25 AM

Re: Unusual Digestive Symptoms ... Docs have no clue!
Does this happen after eating anything? Or only certain foods? According to what I've read, the mouth tingling is due to high levels of histamine and means you have a food allergy. But since you did allergy testing, possibly you are allergic to a common ingredient in many foods, such as MSG or High fructose corn syrup(not too likely but you never know). But maybe the specialist didn't test for those things because they aren't common allergens. If you keep eating the foods, they can cause other symptoms such as GI problems.
I would eliminate all foods except for one, maybe white or brown rice. But if the rice was packaged in a factory where they package other products, such as nuts, then it could give you a false positive, so you need to make sure its uncontaminated. Then add one new food back after 3 days, keep a daily log and write down all symptoms as you add other foods back in. The problem is, many products are produced in factories with allergen producing things. If you have mouth tingling, you are probably allergic to either shellfish, nuts, fish or eggs. If you experience the mouth tingling with something such as uncontaminated white rice or a vegetable from your garden, for example, then maybe its something else. But that's my best guess.

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