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pattycakesrich 06-01-2019 03:08 AM

Debilitating daily nausea is ruining my life
Hi all, new here and guess I'm just wanting a bit of advice, as I seem to be exhausting my drs.

I am a 30 year old woman.

I have daily constant debilitating nausea. No abnormal BM , not a lot of pain, just constant nausea that is literally driving me crazy.
I feel like I am crazy!

I have had many tests over the years. It took months to convince any doctor in my area to investigate beyond telling me to "keep a food diary". Over the years , tests have shown pancreatitis multiple times, but they've never treated it, they've just reported back as my stomach being irritated. Iron studies are pretty normal, slightly low but not out of the realm of normal.
I've had endoscopies that all day my stomach is extremely irritated.

I feel like I am wasting my GP's time. I am CONSTANTLY getting ill with bugs, fevers, I seem to be extremely susceptible to gastroenteritis however if I go to the Dr, they just lump it as the following.

I am constantly stressed. My life is not an easy life to live due to situations beyond my control. This past year I have experienced a marital breakdown due to husbands infidelity...and the added stress that being abandoned with children brings. Finances are dire...etc. The stress is constant and unrelenting.
However, the nausea issues plagued for years before this.

I have been prescribed antidepressants, several times, several mixes, several doses. This lead me to gain a mountain of weight, the weight gain made the doctors believe my nausea problems had gotten because because clearly "i was eating".
I sought help to get in better physical shape, addressed my already not so bad diet! I have dropped the weight off entirely , i tried activities to help my mental health etc.
I also see a psychologist.

I have identified certain food triggers that make things very bad, however am unable to get on top of daily queasiness.
I get given scripts of Ondansetron and sent on my way.
I have been prescribed antacids to the max. It's great for heartburn! But not helping my main issues.

I feel like I am not being taken seriously and it is having a disastrous affect on my mental health. Being sick every day is utterly draining. The Drs believe depression is causing my nausea...I believe my nausea is causing my depression.
I can not keep living like this, and it is getting incredibly difficult to care for my children.

I guess my question is...has anyone else been through this? What helped?!

yayagirl 06-01-2019 10:16 AM

Re: Debilitating daily nausea is ruining my life
Dear pattycakes,

I was born with digestive issues and always have had a 'weak' stomach. I need to be careful about what I eat or I get digestive upsets. I have spells when it seems I can eat whatever I want and then a big set back. My digestion is clearly closely affected by my emotions.

Do you notice that your digestion is affected by whether or not you feel upset about something? Mine clearly is. My husband on the other hand has a 'cast iron' stomach, meaning he can eat whatever spicy, greasy food he wants and he stays thin and never has indigestion. But for me, if I am just tired or unhappy when I eat certain foods I will always get indigestion. The foods that might get to me are raw, greasy, oily, too much fat, too much sugar, etc. I can always safely eat lightly salted cooked vegetables or fruit. But if I am upset about [I]anything[/I] I might get nauseated or vomit if I eat heavily seasoned or greasy foods.

Doctors cannot fix it. I need to be conscious of what I eat and when. When nothing else is wrong, then I wonder if your digestion also is deeply affected by your mood and emotions.

If so, hon, you need to keep a food and emotion diary to learn what affects you and when, and change what and how you eat. Frankly, many times I do eat whatever I want, but if I don't pay attention to my diet [U]when I am feeling down[/U], I am the one that pays for it.

No one but us can fix, predict or solve that kind of issue. [B]We[/B] have to pay attention and eat differently for ourselves.

MSNik 06-01-2019 08:07 PM

Re: Debilitating daily nausea is ruining my life
You mentioned that you see a Primary care doctor; have you seen a GI doctor? a Gastroenterologist? This is who you should be seeing.

Has anyone considered that this could be gallbladder related? You have some of the symptoms- a GI doctor can run a HIDA scan on you and figure out if it is your gallbladder.

Please go see a specialist. This is no way to live!

pattycakesrich 06-02-2019 02:36 AM

Re: Debilitating daily nausea is ruining my life
Thank you for the replies so far.

As far as my emotions go...when I am upset, I have even less appetite. But , when I am happy I still have that lingering queasiness. I admit (like most people I think!) that I've definitely had emotionally fuelled eating binges (i.e "im already feeling awful, I may as well eat this horrible greasy meal" etc. But I find I'm plagued my similar nausea when I eat stir fried..even steamed vegetables! And I'm even cautious about what broccoli, cauliflower , peas beans etc are not on the low FODMAPS diet I keep getting thrown at me.

I have had an appointment with a gastroenterologist a few months ago, who told me to "really persist" with fodmaps, and very vaguely told me to google IBS. They're more skilled than me without a doubt...but its so annoying to be told to a) google something, and b) there is no evidence to suggest my bowel is irritable (apart from obvious food triggers). I have another endoscopy coming up. And I'll be frank with you all...I'm at the point where i HOPE they find some horrible problem in they can at least start to put a face to this ugly ugly feeling each day.

My gallbladder has been checked and it seemed normal. Only other issue to be brought up via ultrasound was adenomyosis, which dr thinks is just a coincidental finding

yayagirl 06-02-2019 08:54 AM

Re: Debilitating daily nausea is ruining my life
Dear pattycakesrich,

I just want to suggest that it may not be your bowel that is irritated but that your stomach is. When you have this problem and then do emotional eating of greasy food you are asking for digestive upsets. I don't know why we humans often crave the very things that make us feel sick. If you can be cautious about what is not on the low FODMAPS diet maybe you can choose to eat what gives you good feeling and result.

From what you stated it seems that it is the oils and fatty foods that you don't easily digest. Those bother me. I admit I eat things that my body doesn't agree with, too.
I wish there was a pill for it, but doctors can't fix that about us.

MSNik 06-02-2019 07:44 PM

Re: Debilitating daily nausea is ruining my life
Good luck at the GI and endoscopy. Just a thought, I dont know how long it has been since your GB was checked, but it can change overnight...if it has been more than 6 months, you might want to get it checked again. You never know, this time it might show up bad.

Get a HIDA scan. No other test will tell you how it is functioning.

rudy73 11-06-2019 05:28 PM

Re: Debilitating daily nausea is ruining my life
I know exactly how you feel ... i suffer from almost daily nausea too ... sometimes food triggers it but most of the time it's sudden and random. i have gastritis by the way, and gerd so that can explain it for me. but you might want to keep check on your bowels if you're usually constipated ... believe me i get the most & worst nausea when i'm badly constipated.

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