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Accept 06-09-2019 10:17 AM

Chest & Mid Back Pain/Nausea
I am a 57 year old male. I do not drink or smoke. I closely monitor my calories and avoid fatty and sugary foods. I experienced good health until 2 years ago when gallstones required my gallbladder to be removed.

During testing before surgery I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism, mild gastritis, and Barrett's esophagus. I also had an AFIB incident during a gallstone attack. I currently take 75mcg levothyroxine (hypothyroidism) which so far has controlled the condition. I also take 60mg of Dexilant for Barrett's. 10 months ago I had a cardiac ablation after a second AFIB incident. I had a second endoscopy 12 months ago for a recheck of the Barretts. At that time I was again diagnosed as having mild gastritis and a small hiatal hernia was seen.

Since the gallbladder surgery I have had a minor and nagging pain in the middle of my chest. It has progressively gotten worse and spread to my upper and mid back. The past 3 months the pain has really ramped up. I am also frequently nauseated and vomit a few times a week. The back pain has become fairly intense. I also feel flu like symptoms without a fever.

I have reported my symptoms to various doctors and they have given me several tests and scans. I have had back and chest xrays, abdominal and chest CTs, esophageal manometry, various blood tests.and ultrasounds. All were normal.

I feel like I am dying. The consensus of my doctors is it is GI related. But they have not come up with a diagnosis or a plan to heal me. Do anyone recognize my symptoms and have an idea what my problem may be? Thank you

yayagirl 06-09-2019 04:45 PM

Re: Chest & Mid Back Pain/Nausea
Dear Accept,

My digestive story is very similar to yours.
I'm nearing 70, now, BTW, but always had digestive issues since birth, needing to avoid sugar and fats most of the time. I don't drink or smoke. I find that I can tolerate some cold-pressed olive oil and real butter. You can try those and see if it helps.

Without going into my own long, tedious digestive story, I will share that my GB also needed removed in my 40's, and I am hypothyroid, and from experience I need to avoid most fats and all refined sugars. My digestive issues are similar to what you describe. Nothing else is known to be wrong, regardless many tests and doctor consultations.

I, too, get a naggy pain in my chest and back which after many tests doctors finally convinced me is digestion and posture related and nothing to fear. You might want to make a diet and pain diary to see if the discomfort and pain is related to your diet in any way. If so you can be more careful of what and when you eat and drink, and improve your posture. Those two things helped me a great deal. I have to say I get the same symptoms again, though, when I don't pay attention.

Maybe that has nothing to do with your issues, of course I can't know. It is just something you can try on your own.

I hope you feel better,

nosila 02-09-2020 05:49 PM

Re: Chest & Mid Back Pain/Nausea
Maybe consider alternative medicine, since mainstream isn't helping? Maybe chiropractic? Maybe acupuncture?

I hope you find relief soon!!

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