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    What worked for me!

    I'm praying this helps those suffering from similar issues to this post!

    I too suffered from consistent diarrhea, no matter what I ate. Not just diarrhea,
    liquid diarrhea. I tried diet after diet to no avail. Doctors were clueless. I had the gambit of testing done too. Blood, stool, colonoscopy, endoscopy, celiac test, CT scans and then some. I had about enough after my 4th emergency room visit in 6 months due to dehydration and exhaustion! By that time I looked like I was 11 months pregnant, blood in my stool and miserable. I was done. I told my Mom as such and she convinced me to go on the "Clean" diet before I gave up completely. Keep in mind that BEFORE I did this, my bloodwork showed I was anemic, borderline diabetic among other things, then read on....

    The object is to remove every known allergen from your diet for 4 to 6 weeks. Yes...4 to 6 weeks!! Protein smoothie (not store bought! They add stuff!) for breakfast and steamed veggies at night. It's not easy to do, but I did it nonetheless!

    At week two I felt soooooo much better, but still not right. By week 5, I was having normal bowel movements!!!! I was blown away. Now Add one allergen at a time back into your diet for 1 week to see if the diarrhea comes back. If it doesn't, then try the next allergen. Keep going until you either find the culprit or, like me, get to the last and say "What?!?!".

    So if I went through all of that and didn't find an allergen, then what?? Glad you asked! Keep reading...

    After a painstaking trial and error, (which I'm still doing) I found 2 things that triggered my problem. Soy lecithin is one. Basically the sludge byproduct generated when making soy bean oil! Ewwww! Instead of throwing it away, they made an emulsifier out of it. It's in almost everything on the market! Even granola bars. It caused loose stool, but not the cramping, bloating and diarrhea.

    Next is the worst one so far. Maltodextrin. Please avoid this at all costs!! It's in many things labeled low sugar, no sugar or diet. Sad, but true! This stuff is a nasty. It's in a ton of products and from what I've read, 1 micro gram of it is worse for you than 8 tablespoons of table sugar!! Ever wonder why there are more cases of diabetes now than ever before?? Hello!!! McFly!!

    Let me tell you what it does to me. 1. Severe stomach cramps shortly after ingesting it. 2. Diarrhea from hell! The "5 times a morning" kind. The "OMG I'm not gonna make it to a bathroom!" kind. Sound familiar? 3. Makes my whole body blow up like a balloon. Seriously. My entire body! You could actually watch my stomach expand. I dropped 50lbs in no time once I stopped ingesting Maltodextrin. 4. This STAYS in my system for 2 to 4 weeks depending how much I ingested. Once ingested, I will have permanent diarrhea until it clears my system! Doesn't matter what I eat, diarrhea. Once it finally clears, then viola!

    There are actually many things we should never ingest. I believe they call it the "dirty dozen" or ewg has a few lists of things to avoid in produce and other foods. Look at the labels!! If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it! One of the worst things I've found is store bought cakes. Next time you go to the grocery store, just look at the length of the ingredients. Did your grandmother ever put ANY of that in her cakes?? I think not! In fact, even the FLOUR used is "enhanced".

    Any packaged, processed or frozen foods are going to have way too many things added to extend the shelf life. They even put anti-fungal medicines in things to stop them from molding. No joke!

    Once I started researching these ingredients, I couldn't stop. Now I read every label carefully before buying. If I've never heard of it, out comes my phone and I google it right then and there. It's not convenient, but it's better than being sick all the time and I'm almost back down to my ideal weight again!

    I'm still not able to eat much from the store, but what's wrong with fresh fruits and veggies??? We've become this country of "instant gratification and convenience" that we are ALLOWING these companies to poison us!! Is it really worth our health and our children's health to be able to "nuke" something for dinner instead of actually "making" dinner?? There are a TON of under 30 minute recipes out there that use only fresh ingredients. The FDA labels something safe for consumption, but never test the actual long term and repeated exposure to these so called ingredients.

    Start researching and stop this cycle of pickling ourselves from the inside out with all of these additives, fillers and preservatives!! I don't need my chocolate to be sparkling and shiny, thank you!

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