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leslieh 08-24-2004 01:39 PM

Post Operative Pain
About 3 years ago I had my gallbladder removed. I did not have stones, I was diagnosed with a HIDA scan. I basically had no ejection at all and my gallbladder was blowing up like a big balloon. Afterwards, I had complete reliefe. Felt great for about 4 months. Then I got pregnant and when I was about 4 months pregnant I began having pain in my back on the right side near the area where I was having gallbladder pain. They checked stuff. Didn't find anything. After I had my baby, the gastroenterologist did an abdominal CT with barium and found nothing but it sure made my pain worse. The pain is in my upper right back, radiates around my ribs and towards the front. It is constant. It is now radiating under my armpit as well. They did blood tests. Everything was fine. Liver, pancreas tests ect. They told me they did all they could do. I asked about an ERCP and I was told that I didn't really have anything other than my pain to warrant that kind of test. I have noticed that my pain was better after my baby and while I was nursing (no periods) but once my hormones kicked back in and I began ovulating the pain came back and has become increasingly worse. My kidney on the right side is ok. Could I have surgical adhesions? If so, how would I know? And could it be my ducts? My symptoms to me, feel very similar to my gallbladder just a tiny bit lower although now it's radiating all around like it did right before they took out the gallbladder. Could my bile duct be backing up like my gallbladder? They did find some 1+ fats in my stools on a random fat stool sample but I was told that wasn't a big deal. I am going crazy with the pain and I don't know what to do at this point. They tell me the ERCP is too dangerous of a procedure and that I have nothing that warrants them doing that test but to me, it seems they can't rule out my ducts if they haven't done this test. Any thoughts?

vamp36 08-24-2004 02:56 PM

Re: Post Operative Pain
An ERCP can be dangerous. It can cause bad pancreatitis. I've had 2 of them so far to cut open my bile ducts. The bile ducts can cause a pain like the galbladder. I would keep after your doctor or seek a second opinion.

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