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kehorner 08-15-2005 02:59 PM

Stress-related nausea?
I have been getting bouts of horrible nausea that may or may not be related to stress. Just for the record, I had my gallbladder out in April.

The first time it happened was right after a short hike, a few days before I moved across the country. I felt fine while we were hiking, then we got in the car and all of a sudden I thought I was going to be sick. We stopped for a few minutes and then I let me dad drive because I didn't think I could. I spent 2 hour drive with my eyes closed, trying to pretend that I didn't feel as bad as I did, but I felt really awful. I couldn't really eat or drink anything, although I tried to drink because I thought I may just have been dehydrated from the hike. I went to the doctor the next day because I didn't think I could make it through 4 days in the U-haul feeling like that. She thought that it may have been the beginning of strep or perhaps a virus, so she prescribed antibiotics and some anti-nausea medication.

So for the next week I lived on powerade, anti-nausea pills, and small amounts of bland food. The nausea was worse in the mornings, and thinking about eating made it worse, but when I actually started to eat, it usually got better for a while. I slowly felt a bit better.

So then I spent a week living at my parents house, then up at their cabin on vacation for a week, then three more weeks down at their house. It was during this time that the nausea seemed to be mostly related to stress. I would mostly get nauseaus when we were going up to my new house to get it ready for me to move in, but also when I had to make a long drive and attend a meeting.

The nausea is accompanied by frequent, loose stools, but no diarrhea. I also get weak, shaky feelings and hot flashes. The thing I can't figure out is that I have never had this kind of problem before, plus it initially started so suddenly. Could this be from getting my gallbladder out? Or some obscure virus? I've got classes starting soon, and I need to be able to go to class and work without having horrible nausea. Help!

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