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Can anyone say what this might be?

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Old 11-29-2005, 04:56 AM   #1
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Linda1629 HB User
Can anyone say what this might be?


My husband has had some digestive problems spanning many years. He currently takes Pepcid on a daily basis because he swears if he doesn't then he'll have heartburn no matter what he eats or doesn't eat. He also is on several other medications including Lipitor, something for high blood pressure, and some anti-anxiety medication but I'm not sure what that is (alaprazolam or something like that). He is also quite overweight (probably 80 pounds or so).

Anyway....he's now complaining that he can't have gravy or he'll have to vomit. He makes himself vomit because he says his stomach feels terrible. He says the vomitting relieves the pressure on his stomach. I thought maybe it was the fat in the gravy but no, he'll just pour the fat directly from the beef rather than have the gravy and supposedly that doesn't bother him. Then I thought, well, maybe it's the flour (celiac) but he certainly eats enough bread where that theory doesn't pan out. So, could it possibly be the combination of the fat and the flour? He eats bread with butter and that's not a problem but gravy makes him ill every time (so he says).

You may sense a bit of skeptisism in this post. I do think he is possibly imagining this whole thing. Doesn't seem likely to me that he can have all the fat he wants without a problem but add a little flour and off to the bathroom he goes. I've asked him to check this out with his doctor and he says he will but he doesn't have another appointment for 3 months and his doctor is terrible anyway, he'll probably just prescribe something for an ulcer. He really needs to go in there with some kind of idea of what's going on. He just sees a GP and it's a clinic so he's just a number when he goes in there.

Any ideas? Is there some kind of condition that can cause someone to be ill when eating just one specific food, even if those ingredients can all be eaten at other times? Thanks for any insight you can give.

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scottv HB User
Re: Can anyone say what this might be?

Linda I have the same problem and have for years. I have no idea why gravy affects me the way it does, but when I eat gravy I get sicker than a dog. I can use the drippings from a roast or something similar just as he can with no problems.

I have acid reflux/GERD and take nexium. I also have a polyp on my gall bladder and I am having that removed here in a couple of days. He may have a similar problem.

I suggest a chat with a doctor and that he be totally upfront with what is happening, doc ain't gonna be able to help him if he doesn't know exactly what is going on.

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Lady4489 HB User
Lightbulb Re: Can anyone say what this might be?

Usually gravy is more than just the meat drippings and flour.. At least the way I make it...
Do you add milk to the flour dripping combination? If so, then it may well be the dairy in the gravy...

A couple of ideas that might help if it is the milk... You can use broth instead of milk to make a good gravy, or cook veggies in with the meat, then put them through a blender with the drippings from the pan to make a really good sauce that is both wheat and milk free...


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WannaBeFreeToRoam HB UserWannaBeFreeToRoam HB UserWannaBeFreeToRoam HB User
Re: Can anyone say what this might be?

Hi all,

This is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. If he or anyone has acid indigestion everyday, they should not be eating gravy! Or the fat off of meat! You need to follow a better diet. There are certain things that people like us should not eat or drink. It really does help. And do not lay down for 2 - 3 hours after eating.

Your husband should also be seeing a gastroenterologist dr. instead of his family doctor, for this kind of illness. They know a lot more and can really help him.

Take care and I hope that he gets some better help.


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tskitten95 HB User
Re: Can anyone say what this might be?

Hello Linda!
Sounds like a dairy or gluten problem. Very possible your husband could be having some symptoms of Celiac. (information can be found at [url][/url]
But the real underlying problem to most if not all of his problems is very likely CANDIDA ALBIKANS or CANDIDASIS
Sounds like somebody took quotes of my life and the problems I suffered for the first 50 years of my life. I was at my final point of all these problems and more on 13 medications.
I am now and have been for 7 months medication free (including over the counter) and as long as I am careful not to eat foods that are ridiculous I am completely symptom fee....and have lost 72 lbs!!!
I tell you this so you will know that what I am about to tell you will be received with more confidence. This will not only solve the "gravy" problem but the heartburn, anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and other problems your husband is having....not to mention saving your hundreds of dollars a month.
YEAST overgrowth!! Yeast is fungus and fungus is the culprit for most disease in the body. It begins in the GUT! the intestinal tract and then is distributed to the rest of the body through the bloodstream. The "medical" term for this overgrowth (which every human being has to a certain extent is CANDIDA ALBIKANS
Lipitor, Zocor...and other statin drugs are derived from ANTIFUNGALS !! Then all kinds of other "chemicals" additives are added and POOF! you have a medication that costs an arm and a leg ...and your overall health!
PEPCID and other antacids work to alkalinize the stomachs acids. Acids are what we produce to break down the food. Adding an alkaline (such as an antacid) is encouraging the body to work "against" itself and increasing the problem. The fungus in the digestive tract will increase heartburn.
I took Zoloft, Alprazolam, anti-psychotics for Depression, pain, IBS, anxiety for 13 years and gained 100 lbs still suffering when I finally stopped all the fact was literally hours from death when I finally figured out as one sypmtom led to went the medications...causing more side symptoms and so on!
There is information all over the internet regarding Candida and how has been proven to be the underlying cause to so may diseases (including MANY terminal diseases. there are many many recommendations for Candida diets and products for cleanses of Candida which will then rid the overgrowth and clear up many of the symptoms your husband suffers.....and make your life a bit happier too! My husband suffered "with" me all these years and it's so nice to see him happy again! As you cleanse the body of the "bad" bacteria caused by the yeast/fungal overgrowth it will be necessary to be replacing with "pro" flora/bacteria using an acidopholis or more widely known now as "probiotic"
Sorry this was so long, but, going from literally death 13 months ago to a doctor's report of "optimum health" 2 weeks ago impells me to share just the tip of the iceberg to good health and enjoying living again..Doc wanted to know what I I was also diagnosed and treated for emphysema last year and there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of emphysema in my lungs now! Again, sorry this is long, but, I am passionate and living because of the information someone passed on to me and I took it from there. Hope you and your husband will do the same.
Good Health and God Bless!

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