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floridaboy29 12-29-2005 12:22 AM

Consistently gte diarrhea if I dont drink!
I have a weird problem that I can't find any info on online. I consistently get diarrhea if I do not drink enough water with (or after) the meal. If I drink only coke, juice or even iced tea (water-based drink) I can count on a rumbling in my stomach within an hour (usually/approximately 30 minutes after eating). If I can drink enough water the rumbling stops - no diarrhea. If I do not get water, I get diarrhea soon after. I have had this dillemma for a few years now.

I cannot find any info on this anywhere. Generally, I now only drink water with meals, or at least include water with the meal ( a coke and a glass of water, for example). I have ruled out caffeine as being the culprit, as I can get the same problem from drinking juice or lemonade. My only sure-fire way to avoid the diarrhea is drinking water.

Any ideas ? It seems, to my medically untrained mind, that I have some absorption issues or something. ironically, I have to drink lots of water so that my colon can evacuate the water for a normal BM.??

I know this may sound weird, but Ive lived with this for awhile. I have not had one diarrheal episode in many years that I couldnt quickly cure by drinking water (one or 2 glasses).

Are there any possible causes of diarrhea that arent routinely mentioned on websites or by doctors? An example Ive read of is bile salt diarrhea (the bile salt in the colon can cause diarrhea). I havent had gallbladder surgery or gallbladder problems so this doesnt seem to fit. Are there other causes like this though?

Thanks for any thoughts or insights. I know I should probably see the doctor, but as I dont have insurance and can generally control this problem (by dirnking water, lol), I havent pursued treatment.

floridaboy29 07-10-2006 11:44 PM

Re: Consistently gte diarrhea if I dont drink!
Just bumpin this up to see if anyone new reads this and has any answers. Thanks all!

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