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FrustratedMe 03-07-2006 10:30 AM

Sore Abdomen/Stomach?
I have been experiencing digestive problems for a number of years now. A quick breakdown:

> constipation after daughter was born 6 years ago. At this point my abdomen would swell and become distended and uncomfortable, but I put it off as gas or something related to. (I had a C-Section, and never have been able to have a "normal" movement ever since)

>Vomitting/Diarrhea for about 5 months ( starting january 05 ). I was also severely nauseous, dizzy and lightheaded for most of this.GP first suspected Lactose Intolerance, and avoiding lactose for 2 weeks helped, but did not completely relieve my symptoms.(to this day I still cannot eat/drink anything containing lactose) Doctor then prescribed I believe Bentylol for this, and it stopped the diarrhea/vomitting. From here I was given Dicetel, as GP thought it was spasms. Dicetel did nothing, but cause constipation, which was a problem before anyway.

>Constant bloating/swollen feeling in my abdomen now since before the vomitting started. Continually getting worse. It is hard to describe. It feels like a great amount of pressure pushing at my navel. I look pregnant (and I'm not!).

>Tender/Sore stomach. I cannot even touch my abdomen without wincing. Even wearing pants hurts. I cannot sleep at night.

> Shooting pains in abdomen, occur maybe 4 times a week. Feels like someone is stabbing me, or poking me with a hot fireplace poker. This is not central to one side or the other, but rather all over. From right to left side.

>Blood in stool/on toilet paper. Began (that I noticed) around jan 05 as well. Slowly becoming worse. Now it happens with almost every bm, and there is more and more blood. I once (tmi sorry) soaked my bedsheat in blood. This was about 2 months ago now.

>Incomplete/painful bm's. The pain is not so much before and during, but AFTER I am finished. Its like something in my stomach tenses up goes into spasms and just freaks out. This will last for hours after a bm, but eventually goes back to the dull ache I experience constantly.

> Low, low back pain. Daily, constant. On a scale of 1 to 10... a 15. I blew this off as a result of the epidural for my c-section because that is around when it started. But over the years it has progressed to a constant, debilitating pain. I cannot relieve it, no matter how I sit, or how I sleep, it is always hurting. I have resorted to sleeping flat on my back, it's the only way i get enough relief to fall asleep.

> No matter what I eat, it aggravates my digestive tract. I can eat chocolate (which I severly crave) to boiled rice, and it all affects me the same. It's like my stomach rejects any and all food and goes into a tantrum. I can only eat small amounts as well. After two or three bites, my abdomen begins to ache, and I feel full, and then sore.

> Acid Reflux/Heartburn. Daily. I sometimes can taste it in my mouth (gross!)

> Constantly feel I need to urinate. I pee about 50 times a day. Sometimes, I feel like I have to go, but when I get to the bathroom I cannot. :( Sometimes it is so bad it wakes me up several times an hour at night. No pain/burning when urinating though. Just a constant need to.

> feel dehydrated all the time. I cannot get enough liquids into me. I drink about 1 cup water an hour at work (approx a 9 hour day). My mouth feels dry all the time.

> I feel lightheaded/spaced out/dizzy all the time. (don't think it relates, but it might). nauseous occasionally.

Wow :eek: seems I have more problems than I thought! I hope someone reading this can help me pick some sense of this.

I have had a sigmoidoscopy, fall of 05, came back normal. Bloodwork to check liver enzymes came back fine. Diagnosed as IBS, but doesn't seem right to me. I had a urinalysis 2 weeks ago that checked out fine.

What bothers me the most right now, is the sore/swollen, painful stomach. It literally feels like there is a beach ball being shoved from my back through my navel. Anyone else get this? It went from an occasional, to a constant swollen. It never lets up. It does not seem to be relieved by passing gas, or a bm. And I am no more gassy now than I have ever been. Less really if anything. It does not feel like a stretching, or pulling, but more like something has been stretched, if that makes sense.

Ok, sorry for the rant, but I'm hoping this sounds familar to someone. I think my doctor thinks I am a quack!

Sharon76 03-07-2006 11:57 AM

Re: Sore Abdomen/Stomach?

After reading your symptoms they sound very much like mine, and they are horrible, no one seems to understand the pain that you are in or the way it affects your life and even your personality. It is horrible and i wouldnt wish it on anyone.

Anyway it sounds ike you may possibly have a twisted small bowel due to scar tissue from your c section. I was rushed into hospital twice with horrendous pain and severly distended stomach, after tests it was comfirmed that my small bowel was twisted, fortunately it corrected itself, but i still have the horrible pain and problems eating. Also since then my small bowel has looped twiced, i am now waiting for an operation to correct it hopefully.

The reason why you feel dehydrated is because the small bowel is responsible for delivering nutrients around the body, and if it isnt functioning correctly a person become dehydrated this is also why eating causes problems. I know when my bowel has twisted, so what i do i become nil by mouth and only drink water until the pain eases, also when it twists i cannot got to the toilet to have any bm, again this is because the small bowel has stopped working. This is all i can do until i have my op. I have been off work sick since august 05

You need to get checked out by a doctor who can eliminate a twsited small bowel as it can be dangerous.

Good luck :)

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