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DedeThom 03-02-2001 10:07 PM

GERD! What else can be done, besides surgery???
Hi everyone,
I just joined this message board about an hour ago and I think it is great. Excellant feedback
I wanted to say I have Acid Relfux too and I need something rather it be surgery or what. I am in so much pain 24/7. This started in march of 99, it started with a very bad chest cold and by end of march and into april I still had this pain in the chest area really bad with asthma symptoms. And pain into my back and I mean the pain in my chest and right lung was unbareable, I was crying all the time. The pain seems to be more on the side of the lung where the broncial tube is.
I went to the doctor and they said it was inflammation of the chest wall, gave me medication and that was it. It did nothing, then I begged to go to an internist and he did endoscopy surgery and found sores and ulcers all over and a large one in my duodenal. He said I have acid reflux (GERD)
Well, after about 2 years and prilosec, acifex and every other thing, it is still bad. I have tried to eat right and everything. When I work out, I have to stop and my whole right lung is like searing pain on the side where the tube is and into my back, and I feel like I'm having a stroke, my vision is affected and it is just unbelievable. It is only bad when I do strenuous stuff like work out and lift heavy stuff or jog. It is always there but when I do strenuous stuff it is unbearable, like ER type thing, but I lay on my left side and ride it out, every time.
This stuff is nasty and is nothing to mess around with. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have to go through this. I don't know what to do, the doctor says they don't usually do surgery for things like this. I have to live with this the rest of my life. What can be done. I guess the acid is going into my lung and all over. The welts and burns are right around the stomach opening. They look nasty.
Does anyone think I should have surgery or is there anything else that can be done. The doctors don't seem to be to concerned about me. I guess they can't feel this or they would . Anyone have the same severe pain in chest and lung and ulcer stuff. Is surgery the only answer, if nothing else helps? Are the risks worth it???

Thanks so much!

Dede T

CICI000 10-18-2004 06:59 PM

Re: GERD! What else can be done, besides surgery???
Hi, I was reading your post and i have the same thing as you do, the Drs wanted to do surgery on me, but i refused, but there is a brand new pill out called PROTOXIN,and it has been helping me a great deal, just ask your Dr about it and see what it does for you... :wave:

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