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Minty1 04-24-2001 09:04 PM

PLEASE HELP ME...upper-right quadrant pain for 8 months
I am a 20 yr. old male who has had no serious health problems in the past. Some of this information may have nothing to do with my pain but I just want to let it all be known in case it triggers a thought for someone.
In the couple weeks leading up to my pain I would take 1 xenadrine pill, (You're supposed to take 4 a day), before I'd work out just to give me an extra boost. I was in excellent physical condition with a strong, sculpted body as well as good cardiovascular condition. Twice in those 2 weeks, when laying down for bed at night, I would have a "shiver attack" in which I would shake uncontrollably and my heart would pound with great speed. This would last for about 15-20 minutes and would slowly stop as I'd breathe deeply and relax.
That whole week every time I would run I would cramp up in my upper-right quadrant, but towards the end of my workout so I could take the pain and finish.
And then it happened. While running I cramped up bad, so bad I had to stop. While the severity of the pain went down a little, it never went away, and still hasn't to this day. Sometimes the pain gets worse, but it is always there. It is a dull pain which is deep down, not on the surface, below my rib cage on my right side. In the past couple of weeks i have found a spot, just above my belly button to the right, where I can feel tenderness if I press hard. If I do any physical activity whatsoever, like walking 2 blocks, the pain gets worse.
Then about 2 months later I developed a similar pain, although much duller and less painful, in my upper-left quadrant, which comes and goes for no apparent reason. At about this same time I started getting very sharp and painful cramp feelings in my lower-right side, just parallel to right below my belly button. These still happen, albeit rarely.
And recently I have developed "twitching-like" pains in my lower-left quadrant which will happen all night, for instance, and then not happen for a week.
I have monitored my diet and bowel movements, and there are no correlations I can draw. The only thing that makes the pain worse, besides the afore mentioned mild physical activity, is when I smoke marijuana. This also gives me a very nervous feeling, possibly from the Xenadrine?
I have had an ultrasound test, a CT scan, an ECRP (Where they stick a tube down my throat and look allthrough my pancreas, stomach, and liver (And ducts)), and a barium enema. All were negative/normal. I have also tried acupuncturists and massage therapists to no avail. The 2 GI doctors I regularly see think it's a bowel spasm, although they're not sure. (Anti-bowel spasm drugs have done nothing for me, as have muscle relaxants).
Please, if you have any ideas of what could be wrong with me, PLEASE tell me. Thank You so much.

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